Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blogging Battle

Tim: I wanna do a blog

Tim: But I think I'm too lazy

Me: You want to do a blog???

Tim: About fantasy

Me: Like football and baseball?

Tim: Yea

Tim: How many reads to do you get a month?

Me: Like 3500

Tim: I need 3501 then.

Me: PSH. You'll get like 7

Tim: Probably

/  /  /  /  /  /

Tim: 5 new followers today. In your face

/  /  /  /  /  /

Me: I have no ideas for a blog post this week

Tim: Bc you suck and blogging and I'm awesome

Needless to say, my boyfriend and I are competitive. About everything. And now that he has inserted himself into the blogging world, there is currently a full-blown blogging battle in my house.

I honestly thought he was joking about blogging when he told me this about SIX days ago. Now he is already posting daily, getting over 100 views per post, and is a published contributing writer for a fantasy sports site. Did I mention he started blogging SIX DAYS AGO???

Every time I walk in the door I get "How many reads did you get today??", "I got 3 new twitter followers today", "In your face..." etc etc.

Not to mention that I set up his entire blog, layout, created a logo/button for him, etc. He's not the most techy person and let's face it, when you first start out in blogging you know pretty much nothing. It took me about a year to learn as much as I do about buttons, codes, layout, links, promoting, etc.

And this little jerk face is becoming famous overnight. So, being the loving, supportive girlfriend that I am, I decided to resort to the most appropriate tactic: photo blackmail.

DO NOT READ MY BF's BLOG! I'm sure it's awful and a total snooze fest. So what if he knows EVERYTHING about every athlete in the NFL, MLB, etc. Who cares?

I mean, do you really want advice from a guy who...

makes out with dogs...

is clearly a bit special...

does kissy faces...

still owns pleated pants...

is clearly cruel to animals...

has no regard for water safety (note lack of life jacket)...

is terrible at braiding hair...

purchases cat towers...

wears his girlfriend's clothes while cooking...

plays puppy tug-o-war with his mouth....

Clearly this is NOT a person you want to be taking any advice from. Sports or otherwise.

Don't read his blog.

May the best (and prettiest) blogger win. 


P.S. ((I really hope he doesn't see this post))

And because Tim's blog is about fantasy and I said "sports" a lot, I'm linking up with my girl Venus!
(I promise I'm a sport fanatic too! #madskillz)

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. I don't know what I would do if Andrew started blogging! haha--props to you for setting it all up for him. Everyone knows you'll win this battle, though!

  2. I'm crying on the other end of this computer. This is perfect! I'm 100% #teamkaliwood I bet his 100 page views are just him hit refresh 100 times per day.

    A boy writing about sports.... how quaint!

    1. Yay #teamkaliwood! Thanks :) I'm sure he's having all of his co-workers hit refresh all day.. muahaha so sad.

  3. Omg! Today was my first visit to your blog and this post sold me! My boyfriend and I are just as competitive, thankfully he doesn't write anything he doesn't have too! Haha, he's lucky to have your help to navigate through the bloggy world. I'm a new blogger still figuring this stuff out.Anyways, your post was a nice dose of laughter this afternoon, thanks :)

    Ashlea Renee

  4. This is hilarious! I found you through Whitney's link up. My husband also makes out with dogs. It's so bizarre. (And he also grew up in Northern Kentucky.)

  5. haha this is awesome!!!! did he see this?!


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