Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inappropriate gifs

Warning: Some images in this post may contain graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.

So we have 3 pets. (See here.) Two cats and a pup. One cat, Ollie, is an outdoor lover and doesn't take any crap from Piper (dog). He just ignores her and swats her if she is too annoying. Junior (Fat Man) on the other hand, has despised Piper from day 1. His warning cry is heard on a daily basis as she attempts to play with him. He clearly is saying "Back up biotch before I swat your ass." However, Piper translates that as, "Oh I definitely want to play with you, please keep lunging at me."

This is what you call miss-communication.

I really just want peace in my house. (CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??) I see pictures online of people cats and dogs snuggling up on the couch together. Hell, I saw a picture yesterday of a lion and a dachshund who were best friends! Surely, these two can work it out...

Then last night, I thought we were having a break through!

It started out like this. Piper was being really obnoxious, but instead of sassing her and running to hide under the bed, Junior was nuzzling her and rubbing up against her! (That's a form of cat affection FYI. Or their way to notify you that their food bowl is empty.) Piper was playfully nibbling his ear.

I was so excited! Look! They are besties!!!

That's when it took a turn for the worst....

Yup. That is my 1 year old female fixed dog humping my 3 year old male fixed cat. And now they have brought shame and disgrace to our household.

Of course Tim was encouraging them. I was giggling immaturely scolding them fiercely. And unfortunately, this was not a one-time occurrence. Junior has been violated at least one other time since this episode.

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