Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Hellooo! I'm excited to join some lovely ladies to host Thursday Thoughts today! Make sure to visit Jaime and Jamie ! And link up your own thoughts below! Tweet your post with #thursdaythoughts.

Before we proceed, I want to announce the winner of the Anchor Necklace from Yours Charmingly!

Now for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • This whole house selling/buying process is CRAY. I know people always say that and trust me, I have seen 2343 house hunting shows on HGTV, but until you are IN it, you're like "Whatevs, that won't happen to me!" We sold our house (closing in 2 weeks) and had a new one lined up. Well then there were inspection and appraisal issues and so it looks like we no longer have a house to move into. While I was REALLY bummed when I heard the news (I really wanted that one), there are some other great houses out there and I'm hopeful we can land the right one. We just have to move into an apartment for now until we can close. (Moving twice is for the birds!!)
  • Why is Britney Spears still making "music"? I just heard her song "Ooh La La" on the radio and almost drove into oncoming traffic. It sounds like a Little Mermaid song on acid. Serious, she just needs to hang up the mic and go volunteer at a homeless shelter or something.

  • Are you watching the Bachelorette? I'm struggling to like a lot of the guys this season. No idea why she is digging Brooks or Ben, yuck. My favorite is ex-baseballer Chris! Love those tall, slim, quiet types!
  • We are thinking about getting another dog once all the move madness is over. (Yes, I am aware that would classify us as animal hoarders. Feel free to judge.) We will obviously adopt, and I've been all over the board with what I want. But currently, I'm wanting to rescue a red doberman. So, it would look like Piper on steroids. Anyone have a doberman? Thoughts?
Piper (Mini Pinscher/Shepherd)
Random red Doberman
  • My friend Amanda (previous partner-in-crime co-worker) is in town this weekend! You may know her as Kaliwood's SPD guest blogger! So excited to see her face today after work for some drinks at our favorite place. She shares my love for queso dip, so OBVS we are besties. ((I'm still trying to get her to start back up her blog and share about her big move to SC! Maybe I'll work on her tonight!))

What #thursdaythoughts are you having?? Link up yo! ((And don't forget about the big giveaway Helene is hosting!))

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