Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend via Pics

So we didn't really do anything too exciting this weekend. Your typical lounging, errands, dinner/drinks with friends, attempting a pool day that got rained out, etc. But, I do have one funny boyfriend and some funny animals so thought I would share some pics!

Clearly Ollie does whatever he pleases wherever he pleases...

Piper found a basset hound to play with at the dog park. That guy was pretty active, surprisingly!

Whenever someone says "Aw, cute dog!" when we are walking Piper, Tim always responds with, "It's a cat."

Then when people ask what kind of dog she is, he always says something ridiculous like "Dalmation" with a dead serious face. The poor people look so confused.

Piper bugging Dad while he's trying to sleep.

SIMBA!!!! I suppose I should stop before PETA comes after me.

This is what happens when you have a boyfriend who thinks he's HILARIOUS and is not afraid to embarrass the crap out of you. Tim completed this self addressed piece of mail for me and it was delivered last week. SERIOUSLY. I'm living with a 13 year old. 

And lastly, I felt like making funfetti cupcakes last night (I mean are there any other kinds BESIDES funfetti???) So now the entire office gets some cupcakes today!

/  /  /  /

By the way.... Kaliwood's twitter got a face lift last week! Go check it out and follow me! I'm nice and always follow you back! :)

And so begins another week! Have a great one!!

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  1. I thought that was Floyd for a second!!

    1. HAHA it looked like him! They were buddies!! :)
      BTW Congrats on your race!! Way to rock it out!!

  2. Haha your boyfriend sounds hilarious. I think he would get along great with my husband.

  3. Your boyfriend is pretty hilarious! I definitely got a kick out of that.
    Looks like you had a great weekend! Those cupcakes look delicious :D

  4. oooh boys boys boys! they think they are so funny! I LOOOVe all of the pictures of olli, so cute. and peta better not come after you ;)

  5. Hahaha! Boys never grow up do they =)


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