Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things You Should Never Wear to Work... Even on Casual Friday

Here's a few tips on things you should NEVER wear to the office... and the looks people are giving you when you walk past them.

I'm sad to say that I got the inspiration for this post from people in my own building! It baffles me that people think these items are acceptable. They are barely acceptable in the grocery store, much less at your place of WORK!

Flip Flops

I don't care how colorful or be-dazzled they are. If they are rubber thongs, leave them for the beach or pool!! I mean, I take my dog out to go to the bathroom in rubber flip flops. Enough said.

I don't even like wearing the open-foot decorative sandals that I love so much.  At the office, I like to keep my feet covered as a general rule with flats or peep-toe wedges.

Sweat Shirt

I will admit, sometimes on casual Friday I wear a UK T-shirt and one of my Under Armour zip-up track jackets. But, I'm allowing myself a pass because I work for a sports association and UA is our corporate sponsor. So, I'm just promoting them! But, wearing a ratty old hoody from college? No thanks, peeps.


You would think people would realize shorts are a no-go for ALL professional environments, whether you are male or female. But alas, I've seen them. The ONLY possible exceptions are the professional shorts that are too short to be capri length but go almost to the knee (for women). Or MAYBE some tweed shorts in the fall with black leggings under them. But even those are pretty hard to pull off and are still risky (and you need to have the body to rock them). So, I would suggest just avoiding shorts altogether.


Old, ratty gym shoes?? Really? Show some respect people! These are only allowed on truck-loading day before a big event!

Anything with Spaghetti Straps

Sometimes I want to yell down the hall, "You know a camisole is UNDERwear right???" Sheesh. Anything without sleeves is a felony in the office. If it doesnt have AT LEAST a 1-inch wide strap (preferably 2 inches), then it better be covered up with a cardigan, blazer, sweater, etc.

/  /  /  /

Did I miss anything? Any hot mess items you have seen that need to be added to the list?


  1. oh my gosh, there are many offenders in my office too!!! rubber flip flops GALORE.... one woman even looked like she was wearing what I would wear as a BATHING SUIT COVER UP!!!!!

  2. I don't get casual Friday at my office. Ever. It's a suit and heels pretty much everyday here. So my confession? I sometimes wear flip flops to work and switch into my heels when I get there.

    What? Heels hurt!

    Running shoes though? Never.

    1. Wearing flip flops to the office and changing isn't a crime! It's survival! Also.. check out some shoes with a low wedge heel. They are a lot more comfy throughout the day and look just as good with dress pants!

  3. The facial expressions are spot on. I recently made a post quite like this one. Bad work attire is an epidemic. I can't believe people don't know these basic, fundamental rules. Great post!

  4. We have a casual dresscode in effect at my office, but I still think that none of these things should be allowed. Unfortunately I see it all the time...

    1. We need to explain to people the meaning of "snappy casual"!

  5. This is funny. I work in corporate retail so some things are acceptable in my office that wouldn't be anywhere else. That said, I can't with the girls that wear flip flops and I just say no to shorts. Yikes!!!

  6. This list is too funny! My last job I had to wear workout clothes, so everyday I basically wore yoga pants, Nikes, and a tank top :D

  7. I've totally worn flip flops to work because I was running late and threw them on to walk my dog then just ran out to the car. I was embarrassed all day but nobody even noticed...probably bc they were also wearing theirs which were normal attire for them.

  8. Nailed it! OMFG! I see all of these on a daily basis at our headquarters. Another I would add are leggings - an appropriate top of the correct length must be worn with leggings. They are skin tight, so keep it classy! I have seen too many offenders with shirts that barely hit the waist band of said leggings.

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