Monday, August 5, 2013

Warm Fuzzies

Lately I've had the fortune of getting some really sweet comments! As my comment box says, I love comments as much as I love queso dip! (So.. a lot.) I thought I would share some of the kind thoughts these Kaliwood residents have left because who doesn't like to bask in the benefits of the blog-o-sphere?

Also, since these lovely ladies are so kind, you should definitely go check them out. I'm sure they would love some queso dip a comment as well!

kpsays has left a new comment on your post "Blog Inspiration: Kaliwood Edition": 

I so enjoy reading your blog. You are very witty and have such a great outlook. I've only been a resident of Kaliwood for a couple of weeks, as I've only had my blog for 6 weeks! But I look forward to reading your future posts! 

KatyK has left a new comment on your post "A Letter to My Niece, Athena": 

I LOVE this letter. I tell my daughter this all the time. I also have awesome friends and family that gift her things like books about being a female president, or lego sets. Sure she has princess stuff, had a kitchen set, and a vacuum too, but she sees through me, my girlfriends, and my family that we girls can do lots of cool stuff. 

Chloe has left a new comment on your post "Blog Inspiration: Kaliwood Edition": 

I love this post! It's so sincere and honest. Everybody def wants to be one of the lucky ones who goes viral. Love your blog. Stopping by from the link up! 

Kenzie Smith has left a new comment on your post "Weekend Wrap-Up and Crazy Talk": 

Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend, even getting lost out on the run!
I've had off days where I felt really insecure for no apparent reason, I think its normal. Just have to find something to get you out of that funk :) 

Helene has left a new comment on your post "Kaliwood Updates": 

ummm yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is beyond awesome! you go girl!

It's so nice when people take a moment out of their day to send some "warm fuzzies" your way. Let's all pay it forward and send a warm fuzzy today.


  1. Aw I am so excited to have been featured! Now I have the warm fuzzies :D You are too sweet!

  2. Oh thank you that's so sweet :)

  3. Awwww, now I've got the Kaliwood warm and fuzzies!!!! Thank you for the mention :)

    By the way, where's the queso dip??? :D


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