Friday, August 23, 2013

Currently Listening To...

Before we get to what I'm currently listening to so you can have a little rock out session on this Friday, here are some pics I took in our parking lot a few mornings ago. Thought they were cool!

And because you can never get enough pup footage, here is our new boy and his Rotty butt wiggle:

Now for my current favorite songs that make me bounce around in my car like a teenager. Yes, I'm that girl.

Still Into You - Paramore

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

Chloe - Emblem 3

Taylor Swift - 22

Beautiful - Mariah Carey and Miquel

Popular Song - MIKA and Ariana Grande

Classic - MKTO

/  /  /  /

Linked up, yo.


Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. That Miley Cyrus song is my guilty pleasure. Apparently it's about doing meth or something. But since I'm old and no longer terribly impressionable I don't even care :)

  2. HAH That's EXACTLY how I feel about it. Kind of ashamed to admit I like her songs but this one is actually good! Apparently she's like Snoop Lion and does her best work when she's high as a kite.

  3. Fantastic photos :-) Love the sunshine! Also, some good song choices there. I am loving Katy Perry - Roar at the moment.

    New follower from Friday link up :-)

    Missy x

  4. OMG I love Paramore, there going to be in LA soon.

  5. Love Paramore! Miley - still can't do it. Especially after the vid I saw from the VMAs! Not judging though. She's an artist, and it's her jam :)


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