Friday, August 30, 2013

UK Basketball New Jerseys

The idea for this post was giving to me by my good friend Dan!! Thanks Danny for sending me the pic! :)

I know it's the start of college FOOTBALL season, but I'm not a big college football fan. Sorry not sorry! (I'm about PRO football... WHODEY!)

So, even though everyone is buzzing about football today.. I'm here to talk college basketball! The heart of this wonderful city of Lexington!

A few days ago UK gave a sneak peak of their new basketball uniforms. EEK! This just gets me excited that basketball season will be here before we know it! Here are my thoughts..

I saw one version that had UK on the chest instead of KENTUCKY. I am NOT OK with that and hope that was just a mock up. The chest needs to always have KENTUCKY on it.

I love how they have been fading images into the back for the past few years. It adds a surprise element that you can't really see all the time but it's there. This one is pretty cool except, the wildcat kind of looks like a resting kitten... not very fierce.

Loving the shorts with the checkerboard pattern. It adds a fun new flair to them. Hopefully they are cut better than the last uniforms that were WAY too wide and made these slim athletes look box-y. It's hard to make those bodies look bad but they did. So, hoping they re-worked the fit.

Love the KY state badge on the shorts. Again, love these sneaky little elements that aren't seen right away but just add to the respect of the UK Basketball tradition.

Can't wait to see my CATS on the court in their new swag!!

Side note: Did anyone notice the legs in this photo? They are totally doing the starlet-on-the-red-carpet leg cross! Is that a Kardashian??

Have a great weekend and next week! I'll be soaking up the sun but no don't worry, I have some FAB guest posts lined up that you seriously DON'T want to miss!


  1. UK's uniforms back when John Wall played were WAYYYY too tight. They were like superman outfit tight! I'm glad to see them giving their players some more wiggle room :)

  2. I think the shorts need to be short....I like a little leg lol

  3. I honestly can't say I remember what the uniforms looked like before. When it comes to women's college ball I love watching UCONN those girls are true bad asses. They had a 90 game win streak.... insanity.


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