Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Must-Do Items for the End of Summer!

While the month of September has graced us with her presence, “Fall” has not officially come yet! Mark your calendars for September 22nd!

I’m Lauren from The Peanut Program, and in true Jersey-girl fashion (there’s nothing like the Jersey Shore!), I’m not exactly ready to say goodbye to Summer yet.  Here are a few ideas to finish out your Summer 2013 with a bang!

1. Take a trip to the beach.  Now is the time to go down the shore!  You can take advantage of fewer crowds, sunshine, and most exciting of all…NO BADGE FEES post Labor Day! In New Jersey, we have to PAY to get on the beach. Depending on the area, the prices can range from anywhere from $7.00-$13.00 for the day! Isn’t that nuts?  I’m not sure how it is in other states; but just having one more weekend on the beach post-Labor day is sure to be relaxing.

2. Host an outdoor party! Isn’t everyone sick of BBQ’s already? I know. You probably just hosted one for Labor Day.  They probably consisted of hamburgers, hotdogs, London broil and watermelon.  Why not have a special themed party- -Tacos, Pizza, Campout/Smore’s… take advantage of the cool nights, have a bottle of wine and a couple or board games and put your patio furniture to good use before you store it away for the winter!

3. Fruit picking: Apple & Pumpkins! You might even be able to find some late season Peaches and Nectarines.  Pinterest has a ton of recipes for apples and pumpkins (I know you all started pinning these items already!). From Butter, to Pie, and even d├ęcor ideas. So MAYBE this is along the lines of fall, but get out there early for the apples! They go rather quickly in September.  This is a great activity for transitioning from Summer to Fall J

4. Outdoor Concerts: Most outdoor venues have concerts through the end of September. You can score “lawn seats” (that’s what we call them by me) for pretty cheap.  In fact, I might even consider going to see Blake Shelton and Jana Kramer. They are playing September 5th!

5. Kayaking, Tubing, Hiking: I really am not a cold weather person at all, so if I ever plan on going hiking, the end of summer/beginning of September is the perfect time.  When you wake up in the mornings, the humidity will [most likely] be gone, and it will be nice and cool.  As far as kayaking and tubing, there is another advantage to doing this at the end of summer because all the parents and children will be going back to school shopping. That will mean, less crowds for you! I didn’t get the chance to go this summer but perhaps now that this has made my list, I’ll consider it!
*Probbbbably what I'd look like trying to kayak!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the list I’ve created.  What are some activities you are looking forward to during the last few days of summer? Come by and say hello!

~ Lauren

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