Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Adventures in Hollywoodland

Hello Kaliwood residents! Since I'm currently on vacation, I've asked one of my lovely sponsors, Katrina, to guest post for me! She blogs over at Kakers in Wonderland! This spunky gal always has a post ready to make me laugh! And the best part about her sponsoring Kaliwood, is that she lives in Hollywood! So today Kaliwood and Wonderland are clashing together for one magnificent post! Take it away, Katrina...

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When I'm feeling homesick from the 3 hour distance of San Diego I go to Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood. This is the deliciousness my family cooked on Saturday's for brunch or Sunday dinner. In case you're wondering my family is from Louisiana and I grew up eating the most delicious food in American culture. Everything on the menu is worth over eating and that is exactly what you'll be doing.

Sometimes you want the red carpet treatment and you go to places like Beso which is owned by Eva Longoria. You quickly realize that it's completely overrated and boring as shit. You just paid $16 for the smallest quesadilla in America and your vodka soda was $12. So you do a photo-op with your friends so people can know that you went. Pay your over priced tab and walk across the street to the Tavern on Hollywood share a giant plate of $6 nachos and a pitcher of beer and have the greatest time ever. Don't get too excited about these celeb hot spots, they aren't as great as they seem. So have low expectations when you go to one of their restaurants.

Food trucks are totally in this season and gives you great practice on becoming a full-fledged stalker. You know like that ex boyfriend you have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you follow their every move? No? Me either, but I do have food trucks on all my social media outlet so I know exactly where they are at all times. The best part is when your job rents the whole damn truck and you walk to the window to order. Then you hear the guy say "So you want the regular?" then start a conversation. All of your co-workers are judging you silently then ask "How do you know him?" and you have to explain that you eat off that truck more than you show up to work. Yeah I don't know anything about that either... My favs are The Grilled Cheese Truck, Kogi, and The Shave Ice Truck.

You can't live in any city without an amazing Happy Hour to unwind with your co-workers. It's also a great tool to have when you need to blackmail your supervisor because you have photos of her wasted off her ass. Usually by Monday morning they're already up on their game and are super nice to you  and even will offer to buy you a cup of coffee from Starbucks instead of the free coffee from Coffee Bean. Some of my favorite spots are Cabo Cantina, Five0Four and Jameson Irish Pub.


 One of the funnest activities you can do here in Hollywood is people watching. The things I see can't be explained in words other than "Only in Hollywood", so I will just photo dump the hot messes of Hollywood.

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I hope you all enjoy the little awesomeness of Hollywood and I hope you stop by wonderland sometime.



  1. let me tell you why i love this post... because i live in LA too and I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT EVERYTHING. especially the people haha and restaurants being overrated. i love cabo cantina, i only go to the one on venice beach though. LA has hands down the best happy hours i've ever come across and so many of them are so long. they'll be like 3pm-7pm and then 11pm-2am. i'm like, so only regular prices for a few hours? ok!

    1. You're right, we do have the best happy hours EVER! You get a 3 hour intermission in between them. Clearly the people of Los Angeles have indestructible livers.

  2. I envy you your food trucks :( Loved this post. You made me laugh :D

    1. If you're every in the city go to Wilshire and Fairfax across from LACMA. They will be lined up along the streets.


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