Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Q&A With Kali

With my new job, I recently had to fill out a little "About Me" questionnaire that is going to be published in the employee newsletter. And since we have a lot of new faces in Kaliwood lately, I thought I'd share with you all! So here's a little bit more about me! And if you make it to the end.. the giveaway winner is announced! Have a great Tuesday!

Favorite city ever visited?
Munich, Germany. The history there is astounding and Oktoberfest was fun! Close seconds would be Rome, Italy and Versailles, France. There is nothing quite like seeing the Coliseum and the Palace of Versailles in person. They are unbelievable.

Who is the biggest influence on your life?
My parents. My father always pushes me to be the best I can be and to go after my dreams. My mother is a great model of a strong, independent woman who love and supports those around her.

If you wrote a book, what would it be about?
If I wrote a book, it would probably be about empowering females in the workplace. I would hope to encourage them to achieve their career goals without letting societal expectations hold them back.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
I have an addiction to queso dip. I could probably eat it every day. The best queso dips in town: Shamrocks, Cheapside, and The Cellar.

Tell us about your pet(s)?
We have 4 pets. I think that officially makes us animal hoarders. We have two fat orange cats, Oliver Senior and Oliver Junior. Ollie (senior) is the most laid back cat you’ll ever meet. You can toss him around and he doesn’t care. Junior is sassy and paranoid, always hiding somewhere. We also have a miniature pinscher/german shepherd mix named Piper and just recently adopted a 72 pound Rottweiler named Bear. Piper is spunky and full of energy. Bear is a big baby and loves to cuddle. All of our pets are rescues!

Favorite TV shows?
Project Runway, Homeland, Real Housewives of OC, Shark Tank, The Big Bang Theory, X Factor, What Not To Wear, Chelsea Lately, Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, and anything on HGTV.

What drew you to meeting planning?
I was an intern at the AVCA in the Fall of 2009 as a senior in college. In December, the AVCA brought me along to their Annual Convention in Tampa. When I saw over 2,000 attendees wandering around the convention center and over 100 booths in the exhibit hall, I was hooked. I’ve been planning ever since!

Favorite sounds?
Basketball shoes squeaking on a gym floor.

What was the best Christmas present you ever received?
A basketball hoop that was set up in the driveway with a big bow on it.

Favorite ice cream?
Vanilla. Or rainbow sherbet.

Congrats to our September Group Giveaway Winner, Elena!

Thanks to all who entered!


  1. I loved reading your answers! Sounds like you have been to some amazing places!
    It's neat learning how you got into meeting planning.

  2. Love ya Kali! Please write that book ;)


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