Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Group Giveaway

Hello residents of Kaliwood! Today I am joined by some fellow bloggers to bring to you a group giveaway! Check out the fab-tastic ladies below and their generous prizes! Then use the giveaway widget at the bottom to gain entries! Thanks in advance for showing these ladies some love!

Codi from The Art of Balance

The Art of Balance is a place for me to share my story of living happily in spite of having anxiety. I want to encourage and inspire others share their experiences with anxiety but also to actively create their own happiness. I truly feel my life has been enriched by having anxiety because I've learned so much about myself and what really matters in life. We can touch on some pretty serious topics on The Art of Balance but I think humor is a crucial part of life so there is a lot of fun happening on the blog too! I also blog about healthy living, my love of dogs, life in the Mitten, and other randomness.

$15 Gift Card to Target & Weekday Guest Post!
Lauren from The Peanut Program

My name is Lauren! I am a born and raised JERSEY girl-next-door and crazy cat lady. Blogging for me acts as a short escape from the daily grind we call life and an outlet for documenting my crazy scatter-brain.  Come read along with me as I blog about everything from Applebee's to my cat obsession and random things I wonder at any given moment during the day.

4 Color Club Nail Polishes - Great for Fall!

Katrina From Kakers in Wonderland

Kakers in Wonderland is a reality of day drinking or medicating for a chronic nerve pain disease. I document my Hollywood adventures to my local grocery store famously known as the "Rock N Roll Ralph's" Where you'll see the likes of the beautiful Kevin Smith in his glorious hockey jerseys. Currently working at hitRECord, I stalk my adorable boss so you ladies have something to swoon over. Other than that my blog is just as normal as everyone else's except it smells like vodka and bacon. I rant and rave depending on the subject and I keep it classy cause I'm from San Diego. So stop by and remember kids when you fall down the rabbit hole keep your arms tucked in for better landing. 

$20 Starbucks Gift Card!

Rennay from Vegetarian in the Ville

About Vegetarian in the Ville: I'm out to prove you can be a vegetarian AND an athlete! My blog is mostly about my triathlon and general road race training with a little bit of food and life lessons mixed in. You'll also see the not so occasional pictures of my pets :)

6 tubes (3 fruit punch and 3 orange soda flavored) of Zipfizz, an energy drink mix powder. 
"Zipfizz is a great tasting energy drink-mix powder that delivers a powerful charge of micronutrients to the body's fuel system."

Please take a moment to go visit these ladies. They are all GREAT and will give you some fabulous reading material! Details on how to enter the giveaway are below. Good luck!

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