Friday, October 25, 2013

My Favorite Girl

If you're a regular Kaliwood resident you know that I have a almost 2 year old niece named Athena.  I was up at home last weekend and was so glad to spend some time with her! It's so crazy how much bigger she gets each time. And as you can see when she launches herself on her mom, she's fearless.


She calls me "kee" as of now since she can't really talk. It's cute!

I've never been big on kids in general, maybe because I was the 2nd youngest of 20 or so cousins. But, I guess it's like they say, when the baby is yours (or in this case, my niece) it's a totally different story. I can't get enough of her! And she impresses me everyday with how smart she is!

I jokingly told her to make me some ice cream on Sunday. She disappeared for a bit and then came back with this....

I didn't even know she heard me! HAHA Smart cookie, that one. 

I bought her that Bengals outfit! So glad she now fits into it! WHO-DEY!!! Love her and can't wait to see her again for a little bit tomorrow!

And today's song is inspired by Athena... here's to hoping she'll challenge what the future holds and be bad, bold, and wiser.

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my dear goodness, she is adorable!!! You know she's gotta love that Bengals cheer uniform, I would have felt sooo cool as a kid of I had an aunt bring me that!

  2. Oh so cute!!!!


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