Monday, October 14, 2013

Semi-Annual Rotty Sale

No, I'm not selling my Rottweiler (maybe for the right price)... but this was all his idea....

Well you heard the man... hop on over to the sponsor page to see what all we have going on. 

Use code: BEAR to get 50% off


The Social Media Only option has been pretty popular. Get personalized shout-outs from ME to my 870+ Twitter lovers. And it's only $6 today peeps. I mean, really. You won't find a steal that good at Marshalls.

Here's some kind words from my most recent Kaliwood celebrities...

"Kali is super sweet and friendly and a great blog to sponsor. I did my first big giveaway on her blog. Boom! Bitches got some good stuff. I would totally sign up again to be a sponsor." - Katrina from Kakers In Wonderland

So nice of them :)

I would love to not have Bear pee on the carpet anymore work with you! 
So check out the options and shop the sale today!


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