Friday, November 8, 2013

Embrace the Mutt in All of Us

The other day I felt compelled to post this on Facebook:

"I'm so tired of people making an issue of what color we are, where we come from, who we love ... we are all HUMANS. That's it. At the core, we are all HUMANS. Everything else just makes us unique. If we were all identical, it'd be boring."

The more I thought about the post, the more I wanted to elaborate. Here's some food for thought...

How would you like it if the all the humans in the world were exactly the same? To illustrate this, let's pretend humans are dogs for a second. What if every human was one type of dog. Let's say.. corgi. What if instead of all the diferent breeds, varities, and mixes, there were only Corgis.

Corgis everywhere.

7 billion corgis all around the world.

Now, sure, we would be pretty damn cute. The world would be full of fluffy, short-legged, long-bodied humans. But we would all be THE SAME. No variety. Sooner or later, it would get really boring...

Oh there's another Corgi that looks just like me...

And another.  Whoo-hoo....

But the world isn't like that is it? NO. AND THANK GOODNESS IT'S NOT!

It's way more varied, and complex, and diverse. Which is.. AWESOME. There are corgis, german shepherds, jack russel terriors, dalmations, great danes, pomeranians, and the list goes on! There's even half hairless Chinese Cresteds running around for goodness sake! 

Doesn't that sound so much more interesting than the world full or corgis? Of course.

Now, let's think about how dogs handle the difference among their species...

Mr. Corgi goes to a dog park full of all DOGS, but a bunch of different breeds. All different shapes and sizes, but at the core, all DOGS. 

Mr. Corgi doesn't care if he plays with a Rottweiler, a pug, a basset hound, or a lab. He doesn't care if they are brown or black or white or spotted. As long as they want to fetch the stick with him, they are his new best friend.

It looks something like this...

Now that, is a beautiful thing.

So, the next time we want to judge someone for being different than us, let's remember Mr. Corgi. Let's be grateful there are Corgis out there, but that we are not ALL Corgis. Let's appreciate all of the different breeds in the world, and especially the mutts. Because honestly, we are all mutts. All of us are made up of rich and diverse histories. 

So embrace the differences in all humans. Because after all, at the core, that's just what we are. HUMAN.


  1. Love love love this!!! Such a great analogy. My mom is white and my dad is black, but when people ask me if I'm 'mixed', I usually respond with 'isn't everyone these days?'. My daughter is seriously one ethnicity away from being a walking talking United Nations. Great post girl.

  2. Awesome post...and AWESOME corgi pictuers!! I'm stopping over from your post on The Daily Tay; my family had corgi's growing up; it's not a breed you see everyday so I saw the word "corgi" in your post and was like, I have to check this girl out!!! I have two labs right now, but a corgi of my own is next!!! They're just so dang cute!

  3. Love this!! The 'love thy neighbour' debate has never been this adorable! :)


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