Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heart Update

I just wanted to bop in today to share the news I got from the cardiologist. Before I do, thank you SO much to everyone who sent me a little note wishing me well. It was very appreciated! And it's all mostly good news, so thank you!

When I entered the waiting room I was the youngest person by about 50 years. The first thing the doc said to me when we walked into the exam room was, "You are way too young to be in here." (Tell me about it, bro.)

The first symptom was the chest pain, which I was experiencing at the time. So the doc found the exact spot of discomfort and diagnosed it as Costochondritis. Basically, inflammation/bruising where my sternum connects to my ribs. After further thought, I'm thinking it may be from Bear jumping on me (working on that!). His paws hit right about there and he's not a lightweight. Unfortunately, you can't stabilize that part of the body like you would if this were in the knee/foot/etc because you have to breathe! So, just a regular routine of anti-inflammatory meds to help the pain and it will heal very slowly.

The second symptom was the skipping heart, or the flip-flopping as he called it. It is due to my irregular heart beat. And I can't remember the specific name he called it. He said it's going to happen but I need to just put it out of my mind. He assured me I wouldn't drop dead, have a heart attack, stroke, etc. So, he wants me to take that comforting knowledge, and let myself ignore the skips. He said usually patients will stop noticing once their worries go away. He said if it's gets too distracting he can put me on a heart pill for the rest of my life, but we both agreed that wasn't the best option at my age.

The only thing he is concerned about is the racing heart feeling. You know the feeling when you're driving and someone cuts you off and you have to slam on your breaks? Your heart starts pounding and adrenaline kicks in? Well I've been getting that randomly. Sometimes just sitting at my desk. So, tomorrow I'm getting an ultra-sound of my heart so he can take a look at it. Not too crazy about this. I've had one done before. Something about actually seeing your heart on a screen beating, freaks me out. I find myself willing the little muscle to keep on going!! Maybe I'll just close my eyes this time.

And then after I return from my event in Florida for work, I have to wear an Event Monitor. It's like an ancient cell phone with wires connected to it. (Talk about fashion statement.) I have to wear it constantly for a month and push a button any time I'm having a heart "episode"! But, I can return it early if I experience racing heart and properly record it on the device. (Here's hoping for a racing heart on day 2?)

((And yes, I made them wait to give it to me until after our Annual Meeting next month. I'm going to be running around in front of members for a week with a radio strapped to me already. I don't need to look like a science fair project for my first event with my new company!))

And maybe the best news of the day.. he said I can start running again! YAY!! He said that if I experience pain while running, then stop, but as long as I'm feeling OK I can get back out there! :)

So.. that's the update. Mostly good news and I'm trying to put my mind at ease! Just a few more hoops to jump through and hopefully we'll get some answers and be done with this!

This piece was in the lobby of the cardiologist. A glittering UK Wildcat? That could brighten anyone's day!

Thanks again to those who kept me in your thoughts yesterday! You all rock.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good update! And glad you get to run again!


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