Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Little Bear

This past weekend I went up to my parents house on Saturday to get my hair done. (I still go to the same woman who has cut my hair since I was a kid.) My sister was with me and on our way home I saw this woman walking behind a Rottweiler puppy. I smiled at her because it reminded me of our Rotty, Bear.

When she caught my eye she flagged us down and told us it wasn't her dog and she couldn't find the owners. He didn't have a collar or leash. She was a bit frantic and said she had to leave but didn't know what to do with the dog, so I told her we would take it and handle it. So we drove him back to our house which was only about a mile up the road.

I knew my parents would freak so my sister and I told them calmly the situation and put the pup on the leash outside (which he proceeded to chew through) until we could figure out a plan.

Well, the humane society in their town is closed on the weekends. So, we didn't have a way to scan him to see if he was microchipped. My mom went to about 8 different neighbors asking if they knew anyone with a Rotty pup, but no one did. So we quickly bought a collar and a leash (my parents dog is about 10 pounds so her equipment wasn't working), and decided I would take him back home with me (about an hour away).

My one year old niece lives at my parents house and she's not crazy about dogs. So, I knew my parents didn't want to keep him overnight. I also knew that our Humane Society at home was open on Sunday's so I could bring him in to get scanned.

So I called Tim (who was hunting) and told him I was bringing home a Rotty puppy. HAH!

As soon as Tim got back he started calling him "Little Bear", since he was like a mini-me to our adult Rotty, Bear. So for Sat night and Sunday morning, he was Little Bear. And Piper and Bear loved him (of course). Pipe was so excited to have someone more her size and with energy for days! And Bear was just confused why this little thing looked like him but then approved and played with him.

Sunday morning we were waiting until 1pm to go to the Humane Society when it opened. And we had gone over ever possible outcome.

1. The dog is microchipped. We contact the owners and reunite them.
2. The dog is not microchipped, so officially an orphan. We then find him a good home or turn him over to the humane society.
3. The dog is not microchipped, so officially an orphan and we keep him.

I knew if I said the words, Tim would keep him. If I said, let's just adopt him, Tim would be all for it. But at the same time, we both knew that we didn't want a third dog, or a puppy (no matter how soft and floppy he was)! We talked to some friends who we thought might be interested but no one was ready to commit. So we called Tim's Dad who fell in love with Bear when he met him and really got him interested in the Rotty breed. His Dad said if we couldn't find Little Bear a home, then to just bring him to West Virginia for Thanksgiving and he would take him.

I was so excited because then we would get to see Little Bear grow up! But... we had to wait and see what the outcome would be.

Around noon on Sunday my mom called and said there were fliers all over her church for a missing 4 month old Rotty puppy. It was definitely him. And... get this.. the flier said his name is BEAR!

I can't make this shit up people!!

So I called the family and explained the situation. They were SO relieved that he was safe and got in the car and headed to Lex right away. When they got to our house the woman was overjoyed to see her little pup. We told them how we'd been calling him Little Bear and he seemed to respond to it. Little did we know, we were spot on!

Apparently they were cutting trees outside with no fence and assumed the puppy would stay with them. Well he took off. And he's not microchipped, and they don't leave a collar on him.  Um....talk about irresponsible???

So, I'm happy to report Little Bear is back home with his family! (I just really hope they start using a collar or get him chipped!) He will be missed!



  1. AWW I was hoping you would get to keep him...maybe he will run away and come back to you!

  2. AWWW!!! Yay! I love happy endings :-) I'm so glad that he was reunited. You were right.. we are so much alike. Now, we can add reuniting a puppy with its owner to the list :-)

  3. Aw that is so sweet that you guys took him in and were able to reunite him with his family. Funny his name was Bear!

  4. such a cute post, thanks for helping the puppy.

  5. Love your blog!!


  6. Glad you got to enjoy some puppy love. That period goes by so fast. I wish they would stay puppies for a full year, then start to grow. We had a senior Golden Retriever show up on our front porch today. He has a collar and rabies tags. Tried to call the number on tag, but the vet was closed. It is from TX and we are in GA. Going to go door to door tomorrow and hopefully reunite him with his mom and dad. If not, will take him to see if he's micro chipped Monday (everything's closed this weekend). I hope we have a happy ending too!

  7. Nothing like a good fur baby reunion! So sweet!


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