Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Steps for Pets 5K Recap

A couple weekends ago my friend, Kate, and I participated in the Steps for Pets 5K. It was in the small nearby town Georgetown and support their local humane society. It was my third 5K and Kate's first! So I was really excited to be there with her to experience it. We had been training together for a few weeks prior to it and it was really fun to watch her progress.

During training, I would always run in front and keep track of our pace and distance with my Map My Run app. (If you are a runner, you need this!) She would run behind me and I would give her mile signals as we went. 

If you're wondering why we didn't run together and talk the entire time, it's because, well, we both think people who can talk and run are freaks of nature. I was in Kate's shoes just over a year ago, so we are both beginners. Talking while running is not an option. Plus, we both love to listen to music instead of our own panting breath. And a huge reason I love to run is to kind of "check out" for those 30 minutes or so and just let my thoughts roam. It's my "me" time. 

So, we had been training for a few weeks and I got to see Kate go from 1.5 miles to 2.5 to over 3. She got stronger each time and we even had one run in the pouring rain. She was killing it. And since it was exactly what I went through last year, I could totally relate! 

Race day came and it was a dreary one! Pretty chilly and dark clouds everywhere. When we got there I realized that this was going to be a small race. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. My first race was a smaller one at the local horse track, Keeneland. But as the starting time neared, we realized this was a TINY race. Like... 30 people max. It definitely wasn't want we expected, and I felt bad. I didn't want this to hinder her first experience. But she was a trooper and we were ready to give it our all! 

It lightly rained/misted for most of the race. You couldn't really tell when you were running but once I finished I realized I was pretty soaked. The course was a huge loop that you went around once and then back out the other way and finished where you started. We also noticed on the drive in that this course was HILLY.

We had mostly trained on level ground so the hills and the rain? This was going to be a challenge! Mile 1 I was feeling pretty good. Kate and I decided to stick together for the first mile and then go at our own speeds. I pulled ahead of her pretty quickly, though. I'm thinking it was because there was a long slow incline and she was pacing herself. The first loop wasn't too bad as one you got up the long slow incline, the rest was downhill for the most part. 

There was the typical "freaks up front" as I call them. The 4 guys and 1 girl who are ripped and clearly run these as training for bigger, badder races. I'm pretty sure they ran the entire thing twice and were about halfway done with the SECOND 5K wheen the rest of us were finishing. Behind them were me, Kate, and some other 9-10 minute milers. Then behind us were a handful of slower runners. 

Mile 2 this older woman who had been running behind me past me. I didn't see it coming and was all WHAT THE?? Well that was all the motivation I needed. I kicked it into high gear and passed her back. I didn't see her in front of me again. Sometimes I'm a little too competitive. 

As I was making the final loop back around I remembered how during mile 1 there was a lot of downhill, which meant now, it was all uphill. Crap. The last thing you want on the final mile is all incline. So I was powering through the gradual hill and looked ahead to see where it ended. It flattened out not far ahead but before it did, there was a good 10 yards of, I swear, 80 degrees UPHILL. 

By the time I reached the short, but steep little devil of a hill, I was dead from the 1/2 mile of incline. Any slower up that hill and I would have been going backwards. Finally, it flattened out. I was mentally rejoicing but physically exhausted. I slowed way down and tried to give my legs a rest for a few seconds. 

At that point, the finish line was not far off, so I pushed through and powered to the finish line. My last two 5Ks were 30:03 and 30:11. With the rain and the hills I told myself I just wanted to get under 32:00. I finished at 30:32 so I was pumped! Kate was not long behind me! And her parents were there cheering us on and snapping pictures. 

It turns out I was the 2nd overall female (behind the female freak who is probably still out there running) and Kate was the 3rd overall female! And we both won our age divisions. (Told you it was a a small race!) It was a fun race despite the weather and just got us motivated to do more in the future! Still seeing that 10K goal in the future! Maybe 2014??


/  /  /  / 

Since training for that race, I've had some chest pain, heart palpitations, and racing heart. I've had these episodes sporadically and haven't found a cause or pattern. I've been to my regular doctor, who has referred me to a cardiologist. My appointment with him is tomorrow morning. 

I haven't run since the issue started as I am waiting to see what the cardiologist says. It's been hard not running as I've really been getting the itch. But I'm trying to be smart and safe about it. And, to be honest, I'm a little anxious about the whole thing. They discovered I have an irregular heart beat when I had these pains in high school and went to the ER. But plenty of people have them and live normal lives without noticing it. 

It just so happens that where I could really never feel it in the past 10 years, now lately I have been feeling it. I can tell when it's skipping. It's a very bizarre feeling and is kinda freaking me out.

I haven't told a lot of people because I wanted to wait and see what happens at my appointment tomorrow. But, I like to be open and honest on my blog so I wanted to fill you in on what's going on. I'm sure it's nothing serious (and hoping it's not) so I fully plan to be back on the pavement in a few days. But we will see what they say! 

I would love it if you could send some warm thoughts my way tomorrow! I'll keep you all updated.  

/  /  /  /

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Have a great day!


  1. First off, congratulations for coming in second overall. That is amazing!! Good luck at the doctor tomorrow. I had an irregular heartbeat when I was a kid (SVT is what they called it) and it would come on at the weirdest times. Does yours only happen when you're running? I hope nothing but good news comes tomorrow and you can get back to running again! :)

  2. That's so awesome that you did this! I keep telling myself I'll do one...someday. Keeping you in thought and prayer for tomorrow. Hope all is well.

  3. Well now you're totally making me feel like those freaks of nature! I'm not fast by any means but I have totally run more than one race as part of a longer training run for a longer race. It's kinda my thing. BUT second place is baller and I think I already told you that. Good luck at the doc! I know the waiting game all too well...


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