Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Total Style Awareness: Sophisticated Chic

I am by no means a fashion blogger. I'm one expensive camera and 10 hours of patience away from that bizz. But, you all know I love fashion and looking nice, so of course I'm going to share in Kaliwood from time to time. (just with some blurry selfies :) But today we talk about finding your own style...

I feel like it's taken me quite some time to find MY STYLE. You know how people always say they need to "find themselves"? Well, I was on a journey to discover my aesthetic. I kept trying to emulate my friends or current trends and I would struggle with what looked good on me and with feeling the way I wanted to feel in clothes. I think we all probably go through this at some point. I'm sure it's also common that we finally reach "total style awareness" in our mid-late 20s.

Here's what I've learned...

I would define my style as:

Sophisticated Chic

I like neutrals and saturated colors, clean/simple lines, edgy details, and a sleek silhouette. 

There are other styles that I can appreciate and really love, but I've come to realize that doesn't mean I can pull them off. For example: preppy. I adore all things in the J Crew store, but my wallet doesn't. And even when I try to rock that colorful, effortless look, it's just not me and I feel like a fraud. I still try to throw in some pieces here and there because no one wants to be one note all of the time. But I'm accepting the fact that just because I like the preppy style, doesn't mean I have to force it into my wardrobe, where it doesn't necessarily belong.

I've also finally accepted the fact that feminine silhouettes and details are not for me. I can rock these very conservatively, like an edgy peplum, but full A-line skirts, ruffled collars, and bows don't do me any justice. Whenever I try something like that on, I feel like a little girl. Which completely contradicts what I LIKE to feel like in clothes.

Now, I'm not saying any of these styles are wrong, or not fashionable. I know MANY people who rock the preppy look (trust me I envy how bright colors and mixed prints can look on some people). And those who can pull off the super feminine, all the power to them! I mean, I'm still a girl. I can still appreciate some polka dots and pink!

But I think I really started finding out what my personal style was when I got into the business world, and had to stock my closet with appropriate clothes. Many of my classmates groaned about having to purchase suits, while I was in pencil skirt and blazer heaven.

I think that's how it all started. I bough a bunch of business clothes to fit my workplace, and then as the years went on, I got creative with tweaking those looks to remain appropriate, yet reflect my personal style.

Once I truly discovered what I like to wear and what (I think) looks good on me, then my casual wardrobe followed suite. In my opinion, the casual wardrobe can be the hardest to develop. I went from plain jeans and a T-shirt/hoodie, to skinny jeans, flats, and a blouse or nice sweater. I still struggle with casual, because I fight fashion with comfort, but lately I've been finding a happy medium.

I really think once you hit "total style awareness", you can stop trying to keep up with your friends, and just mix and match pieces that suit you and make you happy.

What about you?? Have you hit total style awareness? How would you define your unique style??


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  1. I think we all have our own unique style that changes and varies over time. I have not labeled my style but just wear what is comfortable and I think looks good. Hopped over from Style Elixir.

  2. Cute outfits! Sophisticated chic is definitely appropriate, I think. I try to think sometimes how I would describe myself and it's somewhere along the lines of classic trendy. Like I can be all about certain trends (i.e. spikes, I was all over that) but I still like to keep the total look classic. I might be a little more daring with my style if I had a bit more to spend, but I definitely will never look like the women in street style photos that are wearing like 5 trends at once. So not up on fashion enough for that.

  3. I love your outfits! Personal style is funny, as it tends to change every few years as we do. I agree that you kind of start finding out where you stand when you start buying "real" work clothes. And it's funny how I know all of my friends' "styles". When we all meet up for happy hour, I know how each one will be dressed. Love it!


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