Thursday, December 12, 2013

Half Bathroom Renovation

We finally got the downstairs half bathroom renovation finished! We've remodeled a good number of bathrooms by now but this one was my favorite because we wanted to make it a bit special. We didn't want it to look like every other half bath out there. Check out before and after pics...

>>> BEFORE <<<

This is where we started.... the lame generic off-white counter tops, old school faucet, and the flat cover-all mirror. So we started with updating the countertop and adding hardware. Also, the walls were stark white. So we painted it this faint blue/grey color. And all the accessories are neutrals (you know I hate color!)....

It amazes me how long people live with outdated countertops. Even if you don't want to pay to replace the entire vanity, switching out the countertop and hardware is actually pretty EASY! And inexpensive! The difference it makes is HUGE for such a quick job.

We also updated the toilet! More efficient and prettier hardware. Also a I & II option.. fancy!

For this job we were inspired by our friends, Cy and Abby, and their newly remodeled house. Their half bath has mosaic tile halfway up behind the mirror and we loved the special touch. So we did our own version! I love how it turned out...

>>> AFTER <<<

These hanging shelves were exactly what we were looking for. Something sleek and simple for the back wall behind the toilet. Only problem was, they were BRIGHT RED! And those were the only ones we liked. So, we took them home and painted them white! I love how they turned out!

We kept the existing light fixture because it was silver and simple, which is what I wanted. The bulb covers were super old school.. like the sea shell kind. So we got modern covers and it was a quick fix!


Hopefully our guests enjoy their new bathroom experience! :)

Have a great day!!


  1. It looks great, I love how it turned out!

  2. Please tell me how you got that mirror off the wall!!! Our mirrors look EXACTLY like that (complete with "frame" around the edging) and I hate them. I'm just afraid of ripping down the drywall!


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