Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wish List Wednesday & Work Wear

1. This Kate Spade bag. Amazon sends me an email will all of these red/pink/purple bags saying "Great gift ideas for Vday!" Of course I see this one, swoon, click, anddddd it's only $215. Good one, Amazon. A little early for April Fools.

2. Just found out Rascal is coming to Riverbend with The Band Perry! Sounds like an awesome concert, so add tickets to my want list!

3. I want to win this contest to meet/greet and go to JB's tours in England and Ireland! Talk about the peeps.

4. I wish for Friday to be OVER because that's when I take my CMP test and I am totally stressed/overwhelmed with studying this week! :(

5. How adorbs is this dress? Great for your Vday date! But don't you DARE wear those shoes with it! Or I will bust in and arrest you for fashion fraud. (Love the shoes, but not with this dress on vday!)

Now for one of last week's more casual work outfits...

Pea Coat, Sweater, and Belt: NY&C
Scarf: Macy's
Boots: JCPenney

Have a great day, fabu-lites!


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Monday, January 28, 2013

Adopt Love ~ Welcome, Piper!

Sooo, remember this post? I said our time would come when we were ready. Well, our time has come! And we have a new addition to the household!

I'll start at the beginning. We went to the Lexington Humane Society/Petsmart several times last week. We talked strategy: what we would do with the dog when we were at work, traveling, tag-team training, etc. We were open to adopting now, but only if we found the right one. Otherwise, we would wait until we moved and got a fenced in yard.

So Saturday morning we went back to the Humane Society to check out a couple dogs we had narrowed it down to. We played with several of them and kept going back and forth between wanting a young dog (5mo - 1 year) or getting an adult dog. There was even a 2 month old German Shepherd puppy that I had to tear myself away from.

So after playing with a couple dogs and doing the "cat test" with them (walking them by the office cat), there wasn't one that really stuck out.

I walked right by our now puppy's cage because she was in the back lying down quietly, whereas the other dogs are up by the door wanting attention. But Tim, being the "to the rescue" guy that he is, saw this little girl scared in the back and went in the cage to pet her. She was super timid but he managed to get the leash around her to bring her to the play room.

And what do you know! As soon as she got in there she was full of energy, running around, playing, licking us. What a delight! She passed the cat test because she really wanted nothing to do with him, which was a good sign.

Before I knew it we were signing papers and picking out collars/leashes. She is SUCH a sweet, calm girl, but still has that puppy in her which makes her super playful. Such a great combo! She was listed as a Miniature Pinscher/German Shepard mix and shes's 7 months old. I haven't weighed her yet but she's probably 25 pounds or so and they said she's pretty much full grown.

Tim wanted to name her Piper and she def looks like a Piper so it stuck. We've had her for 2 days now and I'm in love. :)

Here she is on the car ride home...

On the way home from the Humane Society!

And once she got home...

She had no hesitancy cuddling up on the couch!

Sweet baby!

Good things so far:
  • I THINK she might be potty trained already (knock on wood). We assumed we would have to train her on this from the start, but she hasn't had any accidents and goes well outside. So, that's awesome!
  • She's still puppy enough to be super playful, but when we want to chill on the couch, she's ready to snuggle up and relax!
  • Because of her mix, she will make a good running companion for me! I will have to train her on it, but she should be able to run 2-3 miles with me a couple times a week!
  • She is very smart and already knows how to sit. She's a good listener so far, so I can tell training will be quick and effective!

Things we need to work on:
  • The cats didn't react well to her. The older/dominant cat attacked her and Junior (the younger one) ran away. We are still looking for him, so def worried about that. Ollie is being very cautious around the house and hissing at her. So we need to get them use to each other.
  • She hasn't eaten much since she's been home. We bought food that is different than what she ate at the shelter, so that might be why. I fed her some out of my hand yesterday, but she ended up throwing up a few times, so not sure what that's about. She goes to the vet this week so hopefully we can figure it out.

Snuggle Bug

She wore Daddy out playing!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feminist Friday: The Case Against Bella Swan

My good friend and fellow blogger, Rennay, suggested that I address the current trend of pathetic female characters in books. Ask and you shall receive, my dear...

The most blatant ones that come to mind are Bella Swan of Twilight, Anastasia Steel of Fifty Shades of Grey, and most recently, Beatrice "Tris" Prior of Divergent.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge Twilight fan (read all the books, seen all the movies...wasn't the final movie crazy???) Anyway.. I also read all of the Fifty Shades. While I thoroughly enjoyed them, I'm iffy about my final decisions on it. And I also enjoyed Divergent that I just recently finished. I think it's a wannabe Hunger Games, but worth the read. Meaning, I liked all of these novels, but, like Rennay, I had issues with the main characters. Allow me to explain...

Bella Swan. Ugh. First of all the name. Really? Could you make her sound any more pathetic right off the bat? I think I started to dispise her from the very first book when the author KEPT telling us how clumsy and uncoordianted she was. She straight up told us how pitiful she was in first person, so there was no denying it. The complete lack of confidence and self worth was appauling. But, of course, the most gorgeous guy around is conveniently attracted to her self deprecation (when is reality he just wants to suck her blood and kill her) and they fall instantly in love. Please.

And don't get me started on the Edward and Bella, "I love you so much but you couldn't possibly love me because I'm not worthy" back and forth bullsh*t. I mean one entire book was devoted to that nonsense.

Onto the next: Anastasia Steele. I could write an entire post about the ridiculousness of this book, but many of you out there, with varying opinions, have already done so. So I'll just mention how this is yet another character who starts the book off by saying how her roommate is so beautiful and outgoing and she is just gross, quiet, and awkward. But, ALAS, the most beautiful and richest man in the country thinks she is the most desirable woman he has ever met. Seeing a trend?

((I'm not the one calling these characters pathetic, peeps! They are laying it right out there on the table!!))

Finally, Tris of Divergent. I have some serious beef with Tris. Why? Because she is clearly smart, brave, caring, attractive, and determined. But it's like the entire book, after she has accomplished all of these amazing feats, she STILL thinks of herself as a scrawny, unworthy person.

It seems to be a common theme that these woman describe themselves as worthless, but everyone else thinks they are beautiful and talented (namely, the most eligible bachelor in town).

Can a sister get a main character who IS awesome (like the ones above), but actually sees it herself? Is that so wrong? Must she be in total denial for the book to be good? I'm not an expert on writing, so maybe that's just how it is?

Surprisingly, you know who I didn't have issues with? Katniss of the Hunger Games. She was badass and good at things like archery, but actually OWNED it. Tris could have really taken some hints from her.

I have no issues with characters having self doubt, especially when faced with some of the obstacles these characters are (vampires, werewolves, control-freak men, and a possessed army threatening the lives of the ones you love). But, most of them have outstanding qualities (which I know makes a good book), so while they might not belive in themselves all the time or even realize they have such strengths, do they HAVE to be overtly pathetic, self deprecating, and constantly tripping over their converse sneakers?? Can we pump a little bit of confidence into some of these ladies?

Please watch: Jessica Chastain's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes for Zero Dark Thirty. She recognizes the movie's writer for writing a "stong, capable, independant woman who stands on her own" and she also thanks her female director, Kathryn Bigelow, who she compares to her character as a "powerful, fearless woman who allows her expert work to stand before them.." You can watch the rest here:

I just think it's so great that she recognizes that this character broke traditional gender roles and in interviews talks about how she was honored to portray someone like this instead of the typical flippant female characters she plays. (By the way, this movie was awesome and you need to go see it. It is so suspenseful at the end, that you will literally be on the edge of your seat! And don't worry, the torture scenes aren't that bad.)

Have you all seen the movie, I Don't Know How She Does It, starring my all-time fav, Sarah Jessica Parker? I think that film is a very accurate portrayal and gives people and inside look at women who juggle "it all". She has a great job, a husband, and kids and tries to be the best employee, wife, mother, and friend all at the same time. I remember watching the scene where she is lying in bed, should be sleeping but is subconsciously going through her entire to-do list in her head. I remember thinking, "OMG I do that!" The movie shows what a struggle it is to excel in all of these areas and the main character is by no means perfect, but at least it shows that it's possible, and that woman can choose to play more than one role in their life.

I know there are MANY films and books out there with a powerhouse woman as the lead. But these aren't the ones going viral with our young female audience. I wish the ones featuring powerful women didn't always portray them as man-haters, or man-eaters, as it seems those are the media's only two options for powerful women. (Example: The Devil Wears Prada). I know extremes make for good characters and good writing. I get it. I just don't want all the young woman of today thinking they need to tear themselves down like Miss Bella Swan in hopes of bagging the handsome vampire. Or werewolf. Or whatever the next sexy non-human creature is.


Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

Welcome back to Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.!  I hope you enjoyed last week’s post and I appreciate the feedback left in the comments section. Did you get to organizing over the weekend?

This week I bring you one of my favorite recipes: Chicken Taco Chili. When it’s the winter time, all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a bowl of hot chili. Doesn’t that sound so picturesque, relaxing and something you’d see in a rom-com? Last year we were given the fortunate surprise of a very mild winter but this year, we are back to the typical cold and windy Kentucky winter. So, like I said, it was just a matter of time before I busted out this oh-so-simple recipe.

When I first came across this recipe on Pinterest, I drooled. Two of my favorite things combined: tacos and chili. And the best thing about it? It’s a crockpot recipe which equals super simple! These days, between working full time and coaching club volleyball, I’m pretty whooped by the time I get home so finding recipes like this that I can start in the morning and it’s waiting for me when I get home is completely ideal.

You can do this meal for relatively cheap by grabbing the following ingredients:

1 white onion (chop it up!)
1 16 oz. can of black beans (drain)
1 16 oz. can of kidney beans (drain)
1 16 oz. can of tomato sauce
2 small cans of corn kernels (these add a subtle crunch to the meal!)
28 oz. can of diced tomatoes (with chilies)
-          I added a can of diced green chilies because I forgot to get ones with them already in it!
1 packet of taco seasoning (can kick it up by getting medium flavor)
1 tbsp of cumin
1 tbsp of chili powder
24 oz. (3) boneless chicken breasts

Simply pour the first 8 ingredients into the crockpot, mix and put the chicken breasts on top. Cook for 10 hours and voila! Before you eat, take the chicken out and shred and then mix it back in. You can add a little bit of fat free sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese to the top if you’d like – enjoy!

The awesome part – you’ll be eating on this stuff for days and not even care. So far, my boyfriend and I both had it for dinner, lunch and there is probably another dinner and lunch size portion left for the both of us! How cost efficient can you be?? (Nerd Alert!)

Here is where I found the original pin:

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Happy Pinning!

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P.S. Happy Birthday to my lovely Mama and my cousin Courtney!
P.P.S. I will be celebrating my golden birthday this weekend. I’m sure I’ll have a creative idea for a new post that stems from that fun! J

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{Insert Catchy Post Title Here}

Happy Tuesday, chicks! I hope it's not Terrible Tuesday for you today. Hopefully it's Terrific Tuesday! Anyone have something exciting going on? Let me know!

Today is going to be random. I thought I would start sharing one of my fav work outfits with you once a week. So, here is one that I wore last week that I love. Note: I don't have a fancy camera or a bf who will go out to a barn and take artsy photos of me (yet). SO, for now, you get the MySpace mirror shots. I know, I know, super tacky awesome.

(Just realized I look like a dinosaur in that second one. RAWR.)

I love this ensemble because the skinny pants (I call them cigarette pants) are actually quite flattering (although you can't tell from the pic) and make you look long and lean! These are also green with a pattern so they give some interest. I also just bought this top online and looove it! Be care about going sheer at work, ladies! This one I decided was OK because the black cami under hides enough and all you really see is my shoulders. But isn't the lace detail to die??? It's super lightweight and feminine.

Top it all off with some kitten heels. Wearing a heel is a must with these pants or else you look stumpy! The higher the better!

Pants: New York and Company
Top: The Limited
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: (Can't remember!) Check DSW for some black kitten heel staples. Will be worth the investment!

You will note a trend as we do this each week: Most of my professional wardrobe comes from NYC and the Limited. You can look good and not go broke, ladies! Trust me.


Also, remember I told you we got a new kitchen countertop? YAY! Well below are some pics! The kitchen is not completed, still need new appliances, backsplash, etc. BUT, you have to admit, getting rid of that puke yellow top and vent hood was a serious step up!




And finally for today, the totally noob blogger that I am when it comes to technology has figured out how to create a Kaliwood button! Check it out!


I eventually plan to hire one of the mastermind blog designers that many of you use to sass-ify this lil ole blog, but until then, the button is a fun new addition for me!

SO, if you have a button and want it on Kaliwood, just let me know! We can swap and I'll be happy to showcase yours! You can grab mine from the HTML code under the button at the top right of this page.

Whose up for a button swap?? (Why does this feel like girl scouts??)

Have a fabulous Tuesday, ladies!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.


I told you we have a surprise in store for you! Get excited ladies because I now have a fabulous guest blogger who is taking over Kaliwood on Thursdays! Amanda is my much less domestically-challenged friend who is going to share her creative and culinary flare with you in her new segments.  So read on for some Pinspiration! Take it away, Amanda...


Hi there, Kaliwood Readers! I am Amanda, one of Kali’s comrades, who will have the pleasure of guest blogging on Thursdays as part of a new feature called, “Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.” I love being crafty, trying new recipes, finding crazy work out plans and more so what better way to draw inspiration than from the genius website that is Pinterest? So each week, I’ll be trying out new things I pin and sharing them with you all! 

Get Those Necklaces In Order!

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of necklaces: fun statement necklaces, everyday necklaces, even some you received as a gift (and maybe never wear) and the list could go on. And if you’re anything like me, keeping these essentials organized can be a royal pain. I used to have a ‘necklace tree’ that had ‘branches’ at different heights that you could hang necklaces on but would often find it becoming more of a nuisance than help. So what did I do? Turn to Pinterest of course!

This project cost me a total of $8 – and it could be done for cheaper if you’d like! Simply head to your local Walmart, Target, Meijer or anywhere that sells shower hooks. Pick out the style of hooks that suits your fancy and you’re halfway there! If you don’t have an empty towel rack in your bathroom (or wherever you want to display your necklaces), pick one of those up too. 

Simply hang the shower hooks on the towel rack and hang your necklaces accordingly! You can also use this idea to hang bracelets or scarves!

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

(Side Note: You’ll also see that I used a round connecting hook for my headbands!)

Here is where I originally saw this idea on Pinterest

Stay tuned for next week! Follow my boards on Pinterest – if you see something you’d like me to try, comment below or email Kali!

Happy Pinning!
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Wednesday - Photos!

So I wasn't planning on posting today since you got your fill Monday and yesterday AND you are getting a post tomorrow. BUT, this just came to me soooo here you go!

My boyfriend has a very interesting job. I can't actually post what it is, but just know that it's not your everyday 9-5. Currently he is in another area of the state sitting in his car literally all day. I can tell he is super bored. How can I tell? He has been sending me the most random screen shots all day.

So random that I thought, well this is Random Wednesday.. so let's share these! Also included are Tim's remarks (if appropriate enough to share).

"Megan Fox is a nut job."

"Be careful in your office today."

And just a random photo from me. Because I am now the crazy cat lady...

How many cats can you find? Hehe.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kaliwood Fashion Awards: 2013 Golden Globes

Sunday was the 2013 Golden Globes. While I still need to finish my recording of the actual show, you know I prioritized and watched the Red Carpet for the fashion! Check out the Kaliwood Fashion Awards below!

Best Dressed - Gold

Julianne Hough in Monique Lhullier

Hands-down this was my favorite. Yes, I've been loving this nude/glitter trend, but the soft bottom with the studded top and the edgy hair?! STOP it.

Best Dressed - Silver

Nicole Richie in Naeem Khan
Nicole is always on point when it comes to fashion. Love this dress because of the color. Not like every other blinged-out one that we saw.

Best Dressed - Bronze

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture

Was somewhat disappointed she did this color family again, because she looked so amazing last time with a similar color. I would have liked her to mix it up. BUT I can't deny Jennifer Lawrence looks great and a sleek belt accessory will get me every time!

Just Missed the Mark

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen

This one is me being picky. Kate is stunning and the dress is awesome. ALL I wish is that she had her hair up to show off the collar detail. SOOO close!!

Risk Rewarded

Michelle Dockery in Alexandre Vauthier

Bah! Drooling! Risks are just that... a risk. Sometimes you look HOT and sometimes you look like a hot mess. This just totally rocks my socks off! You go, Michelle!

Sexy Chic Award

Katherine McPhee in Theyskens' Theory

This picture makes the dress look odd, but it was stunning. A great way to do sexy but not skanky (hint hint, J-Lo)

Over It Award

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

I can't tell you how much I am over J-Lo and these dresses. (Maybe I'm just over her??) Don't get me wrong - I love a nude and lace dress. But J-Lo being half naked with strategically placed lace? OVER IT. We get it, Jenny, we know you're sexy. But do something else! 

Biggest Fall From Grace

Guiliana Rancic in Celia Kritharioti
Gosh this year is tough! All of my favorites failed me! It pains me to give this to Guiliana because I love her. BUT.. she needs to be careful with what she wears. She is TOO skinny which ages her and makes her look sickly at times. So this dress didn't really do anything for her. I can't put my finger on it but I don't like it. So, Guiliana gets the Biggest Fall From Grace award because she is usually looking FAB and she is on Fashion Police so should know better.


Worst Dressed

Mayim Bialik in Terani

I hate giving this to actresses I really like! But it keeps happening! I love Mayim on the Big Bang Theory, but just because she plays a nerd with no fashion sense on the show is no excuse! She could look awesome in the right dress. But this wedding-eque number? No go, sister. Another reason she gets this award - she was on What Not to Wear! She learned from the best! Tsk tsk.

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Who's on your best and worst list??