Friday, January 31, 2014

Kaliwood Fashion Awards: NFL Edition

In honor of le' bowl de super this Sunday (let's pretend that's how you say it in French), I'm doing a special edition of Kaliwood Fashion Awards! Just because you don't often think of football and fashion together, doesn't mean the people at Nike, Adidas, UA, etc. aren't working with style advisers to design uniforms for professional athletes. They obviously have to be functional and protective, first and foremost. But they also want them to look GOOD.

So let's see who wins the award for the Top 5 NFL Uniforms of the 2013-14 Season.

1. Seattle Seahawks

And they are in the Superbowl! Yay!

The seahawks usually take the top title simply because the team has interesting colors. You're not going to see lime green in most professional sports teams. And that's why I love it. With the navy and white it just pops. And Nike always makes them look fresh.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I mean.. they made pewter and red work. That is impressive. The helmet and pants are so metallic, you can't help but appreciate the look!

3. Philadelphia Eagles

I love the Eagles move towards this more deep teal green than their kelly green of the past. It's modern and sleek! I also give them props for the helmet. I like the wings, instead of just the Eagle head.

4. Houston Texans

It's not easy to make the classic red, white and blue look fierce. But JJ Watt and the Texans always look good. They took their patriotic scheme from boring to bold, unlike some others (looking at you Giants).

5. Bengals

Yes, I'm biased on this one (Who-Dey!). But, the Bengals bring this one home because of their helmets. Most NFL teams sport an image of their logo on the helmet. Snooze fest. Cincinnati could have easily slapped a tiger face or the stupid 'B' on the helmet, but they went with the all-over tiger stripe. Now, that is cool. And has been as long as they've had it. What girl doesn't love an animal print??

So what do you think? What NFL team sports your favorite look?

Don't forget to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday! Or, you know, the Puppy Bowl. Whichever suits you.

Venus Trapped in Mars


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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday 5

Just a couple, non-related items on the agenda for this beautiful freezing Thursday!

1. If you have a dog who gulps down their food in 13.2 seconds, you can relate to our problem. Bear eats 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night. That's a pretty hefty amount of food (and he's a petite Rottie!). BUT he scarfs it down SO fast. It's really not good for him. I've read articles that say dogs who do this are at risk for bloat and other health issues.

I found some dog items online that are like giant toys or puzzles you pour the food over and it makes it harder for them to eat. So it takes a longer time. I almost bought it, but then I had an idea. I went home from work that day and instead of giving Bear his bowl full of food, I dumped it all out onto a rug by the door. I spread it out around the rug and let him at it.

Guess what! He went from eating in under 30 seconds to about 3-4 minutes or so! Saving Bear from health problems AND saving money. I'd say that deserves a #winning hastag.

2. Last week I bought these GORG J Crew Factory wedges online. Size 9. But since they were clearance items I can't return them! Which I'm bummed about b/c they are too small. I should've known to get a 9.5. Idk what I was thinking. But anyways... They are too pretty just to sit in my closet and not ever be worn. So, if you are interested in them, let me know!! Here they are on the website now for $79.50 (Now sold out in this color - cabernet).

3. Since we all know it's cold and snowing everywhere (news flash!), who doesn't enjoy a dogs playing in the snow video??

4. Can we talk about how much I love this new bracelet I picked up at a craft fair?? It looks like regular gold in the picture but it's actually rose gold. And real leather. My new fav! I need to look up the business card I got with it to give props to the designer.

5. I'm so excited to share that I have the lineup set for Kaliwood Kontributors Week, Feb 10-14! The Kontributors are fantastic and I can't wait to announce who they are and what they will be sharing! Follow me on Twitter and keep an eye out on Monday for the news! 

And in case you missed the last KK Week, go here to read the AMAZING posts!

Breathe, friends. It's almost Friday!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tapping into the Event Planning World: Where to Start

If you're interested in meeting planning and need experience but don't know where to start, here are some tips to finding positions in your city. Remember, many corporations from all different industries host events. So, keep an open mind and don't rule anything out just because you aren't familiar with it.

1. Internship

If you are still in college, an internship is essential. Not just for this industry, but for most. Especially in the business world. There are SO many students graduating with business degrees. Yes, you may have top honors, or have been involved in every group on campus, but employers these days want to hire people with experience. Even if you have an internship where you are simply in a business setting, it's helpful. It doesn't have to be exactly related to your career path, but being in a professional environment helps.

If you are out of college and still looking for a job, you can still get in on these. Many companies end up hiring interns based on performance and availability. And you can schedule them around your side job that brings in the rent money.

2. Look for local Association Management companies.

My corporate planning experience has thus far been with associations. I didn't even realize what a large group that was until now. There is an association for EVERYTHING. And most of them have events to get their members together. Also, where some corporations hire outside companies or indepenent planner for events, many associations have planners in-house.

So look in your area for associations who run themselves. Also search for association management companies. These are organizations that manage multiple associations under one roof. Often, they all plan meetings so you can work with one or more.

3. Search what companies are headquartered in your city. Research or contact them to see if they host events and, if so, do they plan them in-house or outsource?

This is where you can find the "sleepers". A lot of associations and corporations plan annual events but you would never know if you aren't involved in their respective industry. For example, my company is an asphalt trade association. Who knew the asphalt industry hosts multiple events a year? I certainly  didn't. Yet here I am.

Like I've said before. You don't have to be an expert in the field for which you plan events. You just have to be an expert at planning events.

4. Look for stand-alone event planning companies or independent planners.

Maybe you discovered that DSW is headquartered in your town (Columbus) and you discovered that they outsource their planning to a local company, XYZ events. Contact XYZ and see if they have openings. Self-sustaining event companies usually have many planners and multiple clients. You can even look for independent planners in your area. See if they need an assistant or associate planner.

5.  Look into local hotels, convention centers, conference centers, arenas, universities and other venues.

Research any venues in your area that hosts events. Most of them will have in-house event services representatives, who assist all of the groups they bring into the facility. Like I outlined in my previous post, you can either be on the "client" side making the decisions, the "independent" side where you work with clients and venues, or the "host" side where you bring groups into your property to execute the event.

Also, keep in mind places you wouldn't immediately think of. It doesn't have to be a hotel or convention center. Universities, arenas, race tracks, restaurants, museums, etc. all often have banquet rooms or meeting space specifically to host group events.

6. Search your local venues and see what events have been hosted recently.

Many venues will host groups from other cities, but you may find some local companies who use the venues in your city. Maybe you talk to a nearby hotel/restaurant and they tell you that a local medical association always hosts their 2 annual events there. You can then look into that medical association and see if they have planner positions available. It's sort of a backwards way of finding who plans events in your area. But, like I said, they can be hard to find!

7. Check your city's Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)

CVBs are in just about every city and have sales and event services positions available. Since these people are also very well connected throughout the city, they may also be a great resource for local openings or companies you could reach out to.

Also search for any Destination Mangement Companies (DMCs) which are local groups that assist with special event needs for meetings brought to the city.

I hope these little tips helped! As always let me know if you have any questions!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

10 Reasons I Love to Run

1. On a good run, I feel like I can do anything. 

I remember last year during a particularly good run, I had this thought: "I feel like I can literally conquer anything right now." I'm usually a pretty confident person, but there is something about pushing myself mentally and physically that never fails to motivate me in other aspects of my life. I didn't feel like I could run 10 miles, or even 5. I'm sure I was getting tired. But I felt that in life in general.. I could do anything.

2. You don't need a lot.

Good running shoes (from a real running store), weather-appropriate clothes, and music/GPS if you prefer. Then you just GO OUTSIDE. No gym membership, no fancy equipment. If you live on a road, BOOM, you have what you need. At our old town home we lived by two lakes seperated by a bridge. I would run that path every time just to see the amazing view. But the good part of running is you can go anywhere. You can mix it up as much as you want.

3. I've found that once I started running, I started caring less about losing weight and more about running more. 

My goals are about getting out on the pavement more frequently, or going a further distance. It's no longer about the scale and the pounds. I just want to run. And I realize that won't make me drop pounds quickly or chew away all my cellulite. But, I don't really seem to care anymore.

4. It's social.

I don't mean running is social in that when I run with friends I have conversations. We don't. Those people who run 20 miles all while talking to their partner are seriously mental in my book. Freaks of nature. But even though my running buddy and I have headphones in the entire time, I know she is there. And she knows I am there. I don't want to let her down so it helps me run faster and longer. And I like to help push her in return. It's really rewarding to accomplish milestones together.

5.  I come back a better person. 

This one sort of sums up the other reasons but I walk out the door often tired or moody or stressed. When I walk back in I'm a new person with a fresh perspective. I'm a better girlfriend, doggy mom, friend, etc. It just rejuvenates you.

6. There's always a new goal ahead. 

When I started I just wanted to see if it was possible to run a mile. I never could before and I wanted to understand how people did it. Once I ran the right way, I got passed a mile. Then 2. Then 3. Then 4. Then I started running 5Ks. Now that I've done a few I could say I've accomplished my first goal. But now I have my sites on more. Possibly a 10K in my future. A 10K terrifies me. But what's the point in a goal if it doesn't scare you shitless?

(I've had this on my computer since Jan 1. Taunting me to take the plunge.)

7. I became that person I said was crazy. And I liked it.

I use to see people running on really hot or cold days or hear of people running for miles as a daily routine. I thought they were crazy. CRAZY. And a lot of them still are to me. I'm still a complete novice compared to most. But yesterday as I was running on a snowy road as cars passed, I realized, the people in these cars are probably totally judging me. I'm that crazy person. And I smiled.

8.  It's just me and my thoughts. 

Running is so great because I can get out of the house for 30 minutes or more and just be. I can either focus on the music and my body and just let off steam, or I can focus on some things that I've been wanting to work through in my mind. It's a great way to sort out an argument or weigh a decision.

9. The endorphin rush is an incredible high.

I will admit I don't know what it's like to get a drug high, but I imagine it may be something like a runner's high. The endorphins you get while running not only help you push yourself to limits you never thought possible, but they power you for the rest of the day. After a run, I find that I'm so productive. I do laundry, cook, clean. And the best part is that I'm in a great mood. The world looks so much brighter in a post-run haze.

10. The road is always there.

Not to get too deep on you guys... This isn't a "Want Women Want" advertisement. But it's true. Whether it's been 2 days or 2 months since I ran. I can always get back out there. No matter how down on myself I get for skipping days or putting it off, once I just get back out on the pavement, it all comes back to me and I remember these reasons I loved it in the first place.


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Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Fab-Tastic Apps You (Probably) Never Heard Of

I've always been big on apps that are either extremely helpful or crazy creative. I recently got an iPad Air for work, so I've been downloading apps like crazy. I put together a list of my current favorite apps that (I don't think) are very well known but are great for work, blogging, or just plain fun! Enjoy...


Whatever color your camera target is on, is the color it will show at the top. Once you select the one you want it shows you the color number so you can match it perfectly! It also shows you the complimentary, analog, and triad colors in case you want to make a scheme from it.

I use this for coming up with decor for events but there's so many other uses! Want a new blog scheme or logo? If you are out and about and see a color that speaks to you... use this to find out exactly what it is! And what colors compliment it! Voila! Blog makeover!


I use this to measure meeting rooms or ballrooms to see how much square footage I have to work with or measure ceiling height. But this is also good for those of you who are into home renovating! Use this to literally draw yourself a blueprint of the room just from taking photos!

Hello Vino

If you are like me, the only thing you know about wine is how to drink it. I even went to a class on wine pairings and all it did was confirm I know nothing. But who needs knowledge when you have apps? Amiright?

This little baby allows you to select what meal you are having and suggests the type of wine that will be best suited! So, if it recommends Merlot, you can find that on the menu in the restaurant. It also gives you brand suggestions in various price ranges so if you are hosting a dinner party you can buy the appropriate type of wine to go with your meal.

This app gives you appropriate wines for occasions and gifts and even let's you know what type of wine you will enjoy based on  your taste preferences. Other features include: keeping a list of your favorite wines, expert reviews, and insider deals. Pretty nifty!


If you are someone who travels with your tablet or sometimes works from home, this app may be helpful. It allows you to log into your desktop/laptop from your tablet. The only caveat is your computer must be turned on. But if you know you're going somewhere off-site or to a meeting, use this to access everything that's on your desktop! It allows you to literally take over the controls of your computer.

How To Tie a Tie

Say what??? Trust me. It's helpful. For those of you (us) who don't date the most fashionable men, this app is great. Some guys honestly don't know how to tie a tie! So they turn to us. Do you really know how? Well, no more worries because this app tells you how to tie a variety of knots for a regular tie, bow ties, and even pocket squares.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when I try to log into a site online and it says, "Username or password is invalid." Well which one is it? My username or password?? So I end up trying 5 different names and 10 different passwords only for it to tell me my account is now frozen for 24 hours. *Dropkick laptop out the window*

Well this app will give you some peace of mind and prevent you from damaging your machine. Yes, you have to create ANOTHER log-in but once you do, you can save ALL of your other ones securely. It also helps you generate new passwords when needed and populates some for you when logging in. Can we get an amen?

Magic Shutter

This may be every blogger's dream app. Don't have a super fancy camera? Well you can still capture those trendy photos with Magic Shutter! This app allows you to take long exposure and repeated exposure photos. Basically, you can capture things your typical phone camera can't. Shoot away, my friends!!

So that's all the apps I have for you today! I'm always seeking out and trying new ones so I will be back again once I have another great list for you. Hopefully you discovered a couple today that you hadn't heard of and that will be helpful to you! 

Now go ties some ties and tell your man the exact color code of blue he's wearing while you're at it!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Old School Popcorn

Happy Tuesday, Kaliwood residents! Just checking in from a very white KY this morning!

It was a hell of a time getting to work today but the view from my office makes it all worth it. A lake surrounding by trees glistening with snow...then top it off with two swans and it's like a winter wonderland! I'll take it! :)

But the main reason for the post today is to talk about one of my favorite nighttime snacks (besides wine).. POPCORN!

Last year we went to my friends house and she make popcorn the old fashion way.. on the stove. It was so incredibly delicious and light that I asked her for the "recipe" if you will.

This past weekend I finally tried it and omgosh it's so good! I added too much oil and made WAY too much popcorn (lots of leftovers) but it's so delicious! And it seems so much healthier because it's not caked down with artificial butter flavor.

So if you want to try it (it's pretty fun!).. here are Rachel's instructions:

She also added: "Most people burn it the first time, but after 2-3 tries you will get the hang of it." (Probably knowing her audience.)

Like I said I put in a LOT of oil, which then made me put in a LOT of kernels. It was a bit oil-y tasting and made a lot, so I will use less next time. The popcorn all came out fine, but the bottom of the pan got some burnt spots. So use an older pan for your first tries! 

Another hint: Use a lid that's see-through! I know.. DUH, right? I was using a solid lid and couldn't tell when the popcorn was at the top and ready to be dumped out! So I switched mid-pop. Kernels went a-flyin' and the pups were having a field day catching fresh made popcorn pieces. 

But in the end it's SO yummy and I like to tell myself it's a healthy alternative to microwave popcorn or another late-night snack!


I should have taken a pic of the bowlS we filled. There was SO much and we didn't even make a dent. But you live and learn! :)

Do any of you make popcorn this way? Any tips or tricks?

Have a great day!!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Get Fit Update #2

Checking in for my January exercise goal!

As a reminder, my goals are 10 running workouts and 4 strength sessions by the end of the month.

So far I have 5/10 runs completed and 2/4 strength sessions completed. Had a pretty lazy week so I need to step it up the next few days.

My all-girls volleyball league started on Monday and we had a double header so I'm counting 1 hour of that as a run (cardio) and 1 hour of that as strength.

Normally I wouldn't count volleyball as anything, but since it's all girls and it turns out I'm the tallest on the team, I'm playing middle (Normally, I play outside). And wow, I have a new respect for middles. Damn, they have to run A LOT! You have to block the entire net and then get back in time to hit. You literally run in circles.

It was an awesome workout and since I haven't played in like 6 months, I'm sore all over. Can't lift my arms above my head. SOOO... sore muscles means I worked them out. And it was awesome cardio. So, count it.

Also, I would like to mention that Sunday I had the pleasure of running outside as we had a warm(er) spell before the cold returned. I was getting all ready to go out, walking around the house getting dressed, putting on my shoes, preparing my phone and headphones. Well, Bear was following me around desperately, knowing I was getting ready to leave. I could tell he was internally screaming, "MOM, I don't know where you're going but please please please can I come!!?!?"

Now, I usually choose Piper if I'm going to bring a furry companion along. She's use to it so she knows the drill and she's smaller so she can't drag me as much. I've tried running with Bear ONE time and I swore I would never do it again. It was a disaster. He didn't stay on a straight path, almost tripping me as he weaved from left to right. If he saw another dog all bets were off and I was being dragged down the road. I came home with a massive bruise and a bad attitude. Not how I like my runs to end.

BUTTT with that all being said.. I couldn't say no to this face...

Ready to go, Mom!

I caved. I decided I would just go on a really long walk so I could bring him along and accept the fact I wasn't going to get in a good run that day.

So, off we went. He was doing well on the leash so I started to jog a bit to see how he would react. Well, what do you know! 2 miles later and we were still going! HE. WAS. AMAZING.

I'm still in shock over here. If you could have seen the first time, you would not believe this dog.. who looked like an old pro. He trotted in front to the left and stayed on course, didn't stopped to sniff everything, and even listened when he passed dogs and I said "leave it". The entire time I was praising him and I'm sure people we passed thought I was crazy but I was so proud!

We even encountered a lose Yorkie who was terrorizing him, barking and darting close to him, and he behaved better than expected. (Side note to whatever moron lets that little shit run around the neighborhood lose... next time I may not have such a tight grip on the leash that has a Rottweiler on the other end. Just sayin... leash your dog.)

All in all I think this month is going well. I still have lazy days where I could/should get on the treadmill, but choose to watch Prison Break marathons on Netflix instead. But, it's all about increasing slowly for me.

Also to note -- before I became an outside runner I use to think that treadmill running was WAY easier than pavement. And I think that's still the general consensus. But now, I find it actually harder for me. Maybe because it's boring, but I watch Netflix while I'm on it so that's not the main cause. I think it's because I can't control my pace regularly and have to actually change speeds instead. I'm unable to just adjust to what my body is feeling. So, it seems like more of a challenge to stay at a consistent pace when usually I'm all over the place.

WOW - that update was way longer than expected! But glad things are going well and hopefully I can finish out this month strong!!

Where are you guys on your fitness goals??

Venus Trapped in Mars