Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Fab-Tastic Apps You (Probably) Never Heard Of

I've always been big on apps that are either extremely helpful or crazy creative. I recently got an iPad Air for work, so I've been downloading apps like crazy. I put together a list of my current favorite apps that (I don't think) are very well known but are great for work, blogging, or just plain fun! Enjoy...


Whatever color your camera target is on, is the color it will show at the top. Once you select the one you want it shows you the color number so you can match it perfectly! It also shows you the complimentary, analog, and triad colors in case you want to make a scheme from it.

I use this for coming up with decor for events but there's so many other uses! Want a new blog scheme or logo? If you are out and about and see a color that speaks to you... use this to find out exactly what it is! And what colors compliment it! Voila! Blog makeover!


I use this to measure meeting rooms or ballrooms to see how much square footage I have to work with or measure ceiling height. But this is also good for those of you who are into home renovating! Use this to literally draw yourself a blueprint of the room just from taking photos!

Hello Vino

If you are like me, the only thing you know about wine is how to drink it. I even went to a class on wine pairings and all it did was confirm I know nothing. But who needs knowledge when you have apps? Amiright?

This little baby allows you to select what meal you are having and suggests the type of wine that will be best suited! So, if it recommends Merlot, you can find that on the menu in the restaurant. It also gives you brand suggestions in various price ranges so if you are hosting a dinner party you can buy the appropriate type of wine to go with your meal.

This app gives you appropriate wines for occasions and gifts and even let's you know what type of wine you will enjoy based on  your taste preferences. Other features include: keeping a list of your favorite wines, expert reviews, and insider deals. Pretty nifty!


If you are someone who travels with your tablet or sometimes works from home, this app may be helpful. It allows you to log into your desktop/laptop from your tablet. The only caveat is your computer must be turned on. But if you know you're going somewhere off-site or to a meeting, use this to access everything that's on your desktop! It allows you to literally take over the controls of your computer.

How To Tie a Tie

Say what??? Trust me. It's helpful. For those of you (us) who don't date the most fashionable men, this app is great. Some guys honestly don't know how to tie a tie! So they turn to us. Do you really know how? Well, no more worries because this app tells you how to tie a variety of knots for a regular tie, bow ties, and even pocket squares.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when I try to log into a site online and it says, "Username or password is invalid." Well which one is it? My username or password?? So I end up trying 5 different names and 10 different passwords only for it to tell me my account is now frozen for 24 hours. *Dropkick laptop out the window*

Well this app will give you some peace of mind and prevent you from damaging your machine. Yes, you have to create ANOTHER log-in but once you do, you can save ALL of your other ones securely. It also helps you generate new passwords when needed and populates some for you when logging in. Can we get an amen?

Magic Shutter

This may be every blogger's dream app. Don't have a super fancy camera? Well you can still capture those trendy photos with Magic Shutter! This app allows you to take long exposure and repeated exposure photos. Basically, you can capture things your typical phone camera can't. Shoot away, my friends!!

So that's all the apps I have for you today! I'm always seeking out and trying new ones so I will be back again once I have another great list for you. Hopefully you discovered a couple today that you hadn't heard of and that will be helpful to you! 

Now go ties some ties and tell your man the exact color code of blue he's wearing while you're at it!

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  1. LOVE all of these and never heard of them!! How cool... Will be downloading now thanks to you. Nice to meetcha! Visiting from the linkup. :) xo have a great weekend!

  2. Hello! I am visiting from over at The Daily Tay and I am loving your blog!!
    All of these app recommendations are awesome, I am totally going to check out that wine one (:
    By the way we are officially members of the pet hoarders association too. Checking in with two dogs, one cat and a giant African bullfrog named Moose (: I am looking forward to reading your blog!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!
    Brittany Fry

  3. Such an awesome post...I love finding extraordinary apps!

  4. ok- this is amazing! i have to go try some of these out! just ran across your blog and it's ADORBS. i love it!


  5. I love hello vino (which is the only one I've heard of), especially that you can catalog the wines you've had and rank the ones you like. Talk about a great reference when you go to buy more!

    This is an awesome list though.


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