Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Find Love in the New Year with Match.com!

So... you probably don't know this about me... but I'm a self-proclaimed match maker. I just LOVE helping other people find love. Even if they don't want me to help, I still do. I love love and I love seeing other people happy. So I am always trying to set my friends up on dates and when I meet new people I like to think which one of my friends they would be the perfect match for!

Even though MY services may not be in high demand (guess I'm no Patti), online dating services ARE! I can't tell you how many of my friends have profiles online now. (Thanks for not having faith in me, guys!)

So, if you are looking to find love this year (the time is now, my dears!) and you can't afford my services... then there is only one place to go... Match.com!

Match.com's peak season, the site's busiest time of year, kicked off New Year's Day and spans all the way through Valentine's Day, where Match will see a 25-30% increase in registrations to the site.

Why the rush to log in online in the new year? In a recent poll, Match.com found that 51% of singles' New Year's resolutions will be to socialize more and focus on finding that special someone, making the desire to connect with someone a driving force for singles' to get online after the holidays.

So you know what this means? There are a ton of eligible bachelors registering with Match AS WE SPEAK. So go get 'em girls!!

To get you online during prime time, Match.com is offering a 3-days free "date pass" for singles! Simply log onto www.match.com/datepass to claim your 3-days free offer.

Now since you know I'm "attached" I won't be taking advantage of this offer nor will I be browsing the "options"... but that's just one less female in your way! Try it out and share your stories! I love to live vicariously through my single friends! :)

Who knows, you could get lucky in love like this Match.com couple— have you seen their proposal? Check it out below!

This is a sponsored post for Match.com

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