Sunday, January 19, 2014

Get Fit Update #2

Checking in for my January exercise goal!

As a reminder, my goals are 10 running workouts and 4 strength sessions by the end of the month.

So far I have 5/10 runs completed and 2/4 strength sessions completed. Had a pretty lazy week so I need to step it up the next few days.

My all-girls volleyball league started on Monday and we had a double header so I'm counting 1 hour of that as a run (cardio) and 1 hour of that as strength.

Normally I wouldn't count volleyball as anything, but since it's all girls and it turns out I'm the tallest on the team, I'm playing middle (Normally, I play outside). And wow, I have a new respect for middles. Damn, they have to run A LOT! You have to block the entire net and then get back in time to hit. You literally run in circles.

It was an awesome workout and since I haven't played in like 6 months, I'm sore all over. Can't lift my arms above my head. SOOO... sore muscles means I worked them out. And it was awesome cardio. So, count it.

Also, I would like to mention that Sunday I had the pleasure of running outside as we had a warm(er) spell before the cold returned. I was getting all ready to go out, walking around the house getting dressed, putting on my shoes, preparing my phone and headphones. Well, Bear was following me around desperately, knowing I was getting ready to leave. I could tell he was internally screaming, "MOM, I don't know where you're going but please please please can I come!!?!?"

Now, I usually choose Piper if I'm going to bring a furry companion along. She's use to it so she knows the drill and she's smaller so she can't drag me as much. I've tried running with Bear ONE time and I swore I would never do it again. It was a disaster. He didn't stay on a straight path, almost tripping me as he weaved from left to right. If he saw another dog all bets were off and I was being dragged down the road. I came home with a massive bruise and a bad attitude. Not how I like my runs to end.

BUTTT with that all being said.. I couldn't say no to this face...

Ready to go, Mom!

I caved. I decided I would just go on a really long walk so I could bring him along and accept the fact I wasn't going to get in a good run that day.

So, off we went. He was doing well on the leash so I started to jog a bit to see how he would react. Well, what do you know! 2 miles later and we were still going! HE. WAS. AMAZING.

I'm still in shock over here. If you could have seen the first time, you would not believe this dog.. who looked like an old pro. He trotted in front to the left and stayed on course, didn't stopped to sniff everything, and even listened when he passed dogs and I said "leave it". The entire time I was praising him and I'm sure people we passed thought I was crazy but I was so proud!

We even encountered a lose Yorkie who was terrorizing him, barking and darting close to him, and he behaved better than expected. (Side note to whatever moron lets that little shit run around the neighborhood lose... next time I may not have such a tight grip on the leash that has a Rottweiler on the other end. Just sayin... leash your dog.)

All in all I think this month is going well. I still have lazy days where I could/should get on the treadmill, but choose to watch Prison Break marathons on Netflix instead. But, it's all about increasing slowly for me.

Also to note -- before I became an outside runner I use to think that treadmill running was WAY easier than pavement. And I think that's still the general consensus. But now, I find it actually harder for me. Maybe because it's boring, but I watch Netflix while I'm on it so that's not the main cause. I think it's because I can't control my pace regularly and have to actually change speeds instead. I'm unable to just adjust to what my body is feeling. So, it seems like more of a challenge to stay at a consistent pace when usually I'm all over the place.

WOW - that update was way longer than expected! But glad things are going well and hopefully I can finish out this month strong!!

Where are you guys on your fitness goals??

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. Well done for getting back into things!! I think starting is the hardest part. I started back at pole dancing last week and ouch is an understatement (bruises back me up haha!!). I have started an Eat Good! Feel Good link up on Sunday's and would love to have you join in - I am hoping we can all support and inspire each other in our fitness journey!
    Missy xx

  2. Great job! I tried running with my pit bull before and it was a disaster! I get so bored on a treadmill being outside is so much better. Keep up the good work!

  3. Yay for your dog being good! He must have remembered the last time he went and knew you didn't like it!


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