Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Old School Popcorn

Happy Tuesday, Kaliwood residents! Just checking in from a very white KY this morning!

It was a hell of a time getting to work today but the view from my office makes it all worth it. A lake surrounding by trees glistening with snow...then top it off with two swans and it's like a winter wonderland! I'll take it! :)

But the main reason for the post today is to talk about one of my favorite nighttime snacks (besides wine).. POPCORN!

Last year we went to my friends house and she make popcorn the old fashion way.. on the stove. It was so incredibly delicious and light that I asked her for the "recipe" if you will.

This past weekend I finally tried it and omgosh it's so good! I added too much oil and made WAY too much popcorn (lots of leftovers) but it's so delicious! And it seems so much healthier because it's not caked down with artificial butter flavor.

So if you want to try it (it's pretty fun!).. here are Rachel's instructions:

She also added: "Most people burn it the first time, but after 2-3 tries you will get the hang of it." (Probably knowing her audience.)

Like I said I put in a LOT of oil, which then made me put in a LOT of kernels. It was a bit oil-y tasting and made a lot, so I will use less next time. The popcorn all came out fine, but the bottom of the pan got some burnt spots. So use an older pan for your first tries! 

Another hint: Use a lid that's see-through! I know.. DUH, right? I was using a solid lid and couldn't tell when the popcorn was at the top and ready to be dumped out! So I switched mid-pop. Kernels went a-flyin' and the pups were having a field day catching fresh made popcorn pieces. 

But in the end it's SO yummy and I like to tell myself it's a healthy alternative to microwave popcorn or another late-night snack!


I should have taken a pic of the bowlS we filled. There was SO much and we didn't even make a dent. But you live and learn! :)

Do any of you make popcorn this way? Any tips or tricks?

Have a great day!!

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  1. I got very excited with the mention of popcorn, as it'smy favorite food, looks delicious!!

  2. Wow... such pretty snow! We've still had no snow this winter.
    Missy x

  3. Yum girl! Also, the view from your office is to DIE FOR! I love it! I look at a parking lot, and across from that is a Jack in the Box. LOL

  4. And now we have to deal with super cold in KY. Brrr.

    I'm not a fan of popcorn. I really really have to be in the mood and it has to be totally unhealthy.


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