Friday, January 3, 2014

Running Challenge for 2014

Yes, this is a post about new goals for 2014. And yes, this is a post about exercise. But, it's not so much about resolutions. It's more about looking back at 2013's hard numbers and setting goals for 2014.

I've been using Map My Run for just over a year now, and I spent some time looking back at my activity trends last year. I was really inconsistent. No surprise there. A lot happened in 2013 with new additions to the family, a couple moves, career changes, etc. But, doesn't a lot ALWAYS happen in a year? Yes. Life is always going to get in the way.

So, this year, I'm not saying "I'm going to lose weight" or "I need to run everyday". This year, I'm looking at last year's numbers, getting over the disappointment, and setting realistic yet challenging goals.

Map My Run is so kind as to you email you monthly workout summaries as well as your entire year-end numbers. Sometimes those emails come in and you're cursing them for the "you're-out-of-shape-get-off-your-ass" reminder. But other times you look at those total miles, calories, workouts and you get that "oh-yea-I'm-a-badass" feeling and it's all worth it again.

So, let's have a looksie shall we? (Note - I am hesistant to share this as it's pretty pathetic - but I feel this kind of thing requires full disclosure.)
Note: Not all runs and races were recorded but this is mostly accurate.

UGH. Just UGH. Those numbers make me cringe.

While I look at this and think, "REALLY? Out of 365 days that is all I did?", I have to remind myself, that 1. It's better than nothing, 2. You have to start somewhere, and 3. Just consider it fuel to the fire.

I can't change 2013, all I can focus on now is 2014. I know setting an entire year goal alone is not really helpful, so I decided to take it one month at a time. Luckily Map My Run allows you to enter in personal goals and tracks your workouts to show you how much of that goal you have met. (MMR should really be paying me for this....)

Anyway, here is what most of my 2013 months looked like...

That's about as big a self-esteem killer as trying on new jeans and having the lady bring you one size up.

So, before I feel the urge to jump out my window (don't worry .. on the ground floor here), there WERE a couple months like this:

Now that's more like it!

I felt it was necessary to really look at what I did last year to make concrete goals. Just saying, "OK I'll run 2-3 times per week" doesn't really work for me because I'm not holding myself to anything. If I average it out I was only running 3-4 times a month. THAT, is bad. 2-3 times a week SOUNDS so easy.. but looking at the big picture, I'm not there yet.

So, I'm going to start slow. I'm not going to set a goal for each month just yet. I'm setting January now and seeing how I do as I go.

I set a goal of 10 runs for January. I'm not setting a goal for distance or time. Just 10 times on the treadmill. I need to see if I can jump from 4 a month to 10. Because for me, distance or time during the workout isn't the problem. The problem is STARTING the workout.

And since I just bought a treadmill, there really is no excuse is there??

I'm also going to try to get 4 strength training sessions completed. I know strength needs to happen MUCH more than once a week. But, baby steps people.

Here are the goals entered into MMR.

I'll check in each week to see how it goes. If I only get to 5-6, I'll know to adjust for February. If I kick ass and beat it by a lot, we'll go bigger. Just going to take it one month at a time!

If any of you are doing specific weight-loss or exercise goals, please share! I want to take this journey together. Even though everyone's specific course will differ, we all want to be healthier, happier people! Honestly, one of my MAIN reasons for running is mental well-being. I always feel so great and energized after, and that alone is well worth it. The calorie-burning is just a plus. :)

>>On a side note, some of you may remember my attempt to run a 10K last year and how my training ended up being put on the back burner because of (again) life. It's too early and I'm too much of a chicken to set that as a 2014 goal. I really really really want to. But I really really really hate failure. So, let's get through this month and I'll reassess.

Happy Running!


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  1. I love Map My Run!! One month at a time is a great goal!

  2. Map Run... I will have to look into this! But no matter what happens, you're right. A few times is better than no times!

  3. I think this is a great way to get back on track.I'm a seasonal runner (only April to Oct) so I would hate to look at my yearly totals. Any amount of running is better than nothing!

  4. I've never heard of this (maybe because I'm not a runner?!! hah) but what a great way to keep track. I wish they had something like this for group fitness classes! I think your 2013 looks pretty darn impressive, but that is just me. :) I really think taking a month at a time is the best way to be successful, and to more importantly, not be so hard on yourself! YOU GOT THIS, GIRLFRIEND!

  5. Wow 2013 looks great! I think this is great! I need to set some goals for myself as well!


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