Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday 5

Just a couple, non-related items on the agenda for this beautiful freezing Thursday!

1. If you have a dog who gulps down their food in 13.2 seconds, you can relate to our problem. Bear eats 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night. That's a pretty hefty amount of food (and he's a petite Rottie!). BUT he scarfs it down SO fast. It's really not good for him. I've read articles that say dogs who do this are at risk for bloat and other health issues.

I found some dog items online that are like giant toys or puzzles you pour the food over and it makes it harder for them to eat. So it takes a longer time. I almost bought it, but then I had an idea. I went home from work that day and instead of giving Bear his bowl full of food, I dumped it all out onto a rug by the door. I spread it out around the rug and let him at it.

Guess what! He went from eating in under 30 seconds to about 3-4 minutes or so! Saving Bear from health problems AND saving money. I'd say that deserves a #winning hastag.

2. Last week I bought these GORG J Crew Factory wedges online. Size 9. But since they were clearance items I can't return them! Which I'm bummed about b/c they are too small. I should've known to get a 9.5. Idk what I was thinking. But anyways... They are too pretty just to sit in my closet and not ever be worn. So, if you are interested in them, let me know!! Here they are on the website now for $79.50 (Now sold out in this color - cabernet).

3. Since we all know it's cold and snowing everywhere (news flash!), who doesn't enjoy a dogs playing in the snow video??

4. Can we talk about how much I love this new bracelet I picked up at a craft fair?? It looks like regular gold in the picture but it's actually rose gold. And real leather. My new fav! I need to look up the business card I got with it to give props to the designer.

5. I'm so excited to share that I have the lineup set for Kaliwood Kontributors Week, Feb 10-14! The Kontributors are fantastic and I can't wait to announce who they are and what they will be sharing! Follow me on Twitter and keep an eye out on Monday for the news! 

And in case you missed the last KK Week, go here to read the AMAZING posts!

Breathe, friends. It's almost Friday!

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  1. What a shame about your new shoes! :(

  2. What a neat idea about the food, our lab inhales his food and I never really paid attention to that.. I didn't realize it was unhealthy for them. Yikes! Those shoes are too cute, I wish they were my size!

  3. My dog also scarfs her food (you would think she hasn't eaten in months!) and her trainer suggested putting a tennis ball in the bowl to slow her down because she'll eat around it. That might give your carpets some relief! :)

  4. I have the opposite problem with my dog, I have the hardest problem getting her to eat anything. We have this thing for her called a weenut and she seems to eat better if I fill that with her kibble and she knocks it around and gets the kibble out..I don't know WHY she won't eat it out of her bowl. They make them in a larger size for larger dogs but I don't know what it's called in the large size. We got it for her in a Barkbox. Silly.

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  5. Nothing makes me happier than dogs in the snow. Seriously! That bracelet is lovely by the way.


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