Friday, February 21, 2014

10k Training for Dummies

I am a race training dummy. AKA I have no idea what the heck I'm doing. I see all of these training plans online and they seem very complicated to me.

I even talked to my friend Rennay (the pro) and what she told me to do was complicated. Even after she dummed it down for me, I'm confused. I'm overwhelmed.

I tend to follow instructions very closely, so when they get complicated or the there are too many steps, I would rather avoid it altogether.

Apparently there is a difference in a short, hard run and a long, easy one? Intervals? Cross training? Conversational pace? 20 minute shake-off run?

WHAT THE??????

I just go outside and run. I typically run the same pace (10 min/ mile) all the time, regardless of the distance. "Conversational pace" means nothing to me because I feel like I run pretty slow and I still can't talk during it.

I couldn't go "hard" for 2 miles because I wouldn't make it that far. I would be passed out in the grass on the side of the road.

Interval training... how can I keep track of what I'm doing each minute??

Cross training... so I have to do something other than run? Can I just run?

Look at what come up when you Google "10k training plan"....

See my problem?

I realize I need to come up with some type of structured plan so I know what I'm doing and don't just wing it. I need to be prepared for the race. But I'm not trying to break records (other than my own) or win any medals. I just want to run the whole thing and finish.

Is this the panic phase of goal setting? I feel as if I'm beginning to freak out about all of this...

I guess I don't have a point to this post because I don't have a solution. My plan for the next couple weeks is easy runs, then a long run trying to beat my previous distance/amount of time running, followed by other easy runs, rest days, and maybe some interval training of hard mile, rest, hard mile, etc.

After a couple weeks I'll see if I need to mix in other things or get on a specific schedule. But that 10k is going to be here before I know it!

So... all you runners out there.. do you stick to a specific race training program? Do you cross train? Do you mix up your runs? Feel free to share your advice for this training dummy!

(And this post was just a huge ramble about nothing. Sorry, guys. More direct, purposeful writing next time. Although I can't make any promises.)

UPDATE: You know how I was bragging the other day how I ran the furthest I've ever run? I was on such a high from it and ready to kill my runs all week. Well, aparently I sustained an injury. My outside/bottom on my foot is in pain and hurts to walk on. I've been icing and such but I'm pretty much not running until it feels better.

Talk about buzz kill. I knew I pushed it too hard running 4.5 miles after being off for a week. I should've eased back into it. So now I'm really frustrated I can't run and my February goals are out the window. UGH. I'm just HOPING it's a bruise and will heal in a few days.

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