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Valentine’s Day Wardrobe: How to Get it Right

Welcome, Kaliwood residents! I'm so excited to start this KK Week off right with my girl, April, from The Striped Flamingo. After you read her Vday fashion post below, stop over and give her a visit. She had me hooked at "statement necklace" and I keep coming back for her engagement updates and always-on-point fashion advice! Take it away, April!

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Happy Monday, blog friends! I’m April and I blog over at The Striped Flamingo. I’m so excited to be a part of the awesomeness that is Kaliwood Kontributors Week and am honored to be able to start y’all all off on the right…um…pump.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, I always struggle with what to wear. What should I wear to work? Or, if not working, what do I wear for a casual date/lunch? And then, if I have evening plans, what do I wear for that? Now, I love to be festive and dress for whatever holiday or occasion…but there is a very fine line between looking festive and…looking ridiculous.

For Valentine’s Day we will see lots of red, pink and hearts. But just because this is typical Valentine’s Day fare, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate it all into your V-Day attire. Let’s use a punny acronym, “K.I.S.S” and Keep It Simple Stupid Silly. Anybody can slap a red top on some pink pants and try to rock a heart print bag. But, let’s face it…we are all (mostly) adults, right? So, instead pick one color and incorporate it with neutrals. If you want to wear some heart jewelry or a heart sweater, keep it subtle with regards to the rest of your outfit.

For a casual day, lunch date or other occasion where jeans are appropriate, you can manage to look fun and festive with something like this. A red wrap sweater and jeans paired with a neutral belt, bag and shoes. (Yes, animal print, especially leopard/cheetah, IS a neutral.) Subtle heart stud earrings are the perfect way to finish off this outfit. See? You look well put-together AND Valentinesy. (I made that word up just now. Copyright. The end.)

If you use my basic work formula, then it shouldn't be too difficult to come up with something Valentinesy, yet still work-appropriate. A black pencil skirt (or pants) with a printed top/shell is complimented perfectly with a magenta cardigan. Of course, I’d take it a step further and add some hot pink pumps and a statement necklace but I realize my accessorizing ways are not for everyone. Swap out the pink cardigan for a red one or even a purple one. (Purple is sort of Valentinesy….right?) Or switch out the polka dot top for another print or solid and you’re set! If you’re V-Day work look resembles this, congratulations! You've managed to pull off a fun look that doesn't resemble a candygram.

For those of you with evening or fancy plans, you might try something like the above. Obviously an LBD is my initial go-to because of its versatility with accessories, but you could reverse everything in the picture and it would work too. (So, maybe a red dress, with black accessories. If you pair pink or heart accessories with a red dress…you've gone too far.) Except don’t reverse the killer shoes. Those are a necessity. The key here is to not look like a walking Valentine card. You’re giving the “hint of holiday” without overdoing it.
Interested in learning about dressing for other holidays? Read my posts about the 4th of July and a few other holidays.

Thanks to Kali for having me on the blog today! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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