Monday, March 17, 2014

Bad News & Short Hair, Don't Care

If you're a regular Kaliwood resident you may be wondering why a couple weeks ago there was an influx of running posts and updates like this one. And then no reference to running at all. Strange, considering I am was training for a 10k. And also strange since the weather finally started warming up.

Well, a picture's worth a thousand words. So, I'll let this one do the talking...

Remember when I was on the high of all running highs from going my furthest distance ever? And then remember when I said a couple days later my foot was killing me and I was taking a break until it felt better?

Well it didn't feel better. So I finally went to the doctor. And voila...

Stress fracture. 6 weeks in that horrendous thing they call a walking boot. Imagine the look of horror on my face when they brought that in the room.

I could almost cry as I write this because not only can I not run for 6 weeks or more, but the race I was training for is no longer an option. No taking advantage of these warm days after the brutal winter, no running endorphins, no nothing. Some of you may think this is no big deal. But I'm seriously devastated. Just when I FINALLY thought I could conquer this grand distance (to me), I do something stupid and injure myself. And the fact that I did it to myself makes me that much more pissed.

I realize it will heal and there will be other races. But it's only been a week of being stuck on the couch and I'm miserable. I feel fat and unhealthy and defeated. 

And to top it all off I have to wear that hideous boot. Tim shook his head as we were walking into Subway and said, "I can't believe you're wearing that thing." I was like, "Why?? I don't have a choice!" And he was like, "I know. But I still can't believe YOU would wear THAT."


Kate saw it and said, "OMG...that is so not Kaliwood style."

Seriously. You'd think they would make an effort to make them not look so Ironman-esque.

So that is my pity party. Put a hold on the #getfit check ins and the 10k updates. I was on such a role and this kills me. But I guess I learned my lesson. I wish I could complain this thing away, but I can't.

In an effort to end this post on a not-so-depressing note, I will share pics of my new hair cut. I chopped off all my hair this weekend because I was wanting something new and fresh for Spring. Looks like I'll have plenty of time to kill inside trying out different styles!



Does that not look like a furry creature or something?? Freaky!


And before I go... thanks to all who entered the Fifth & Mae giveaway! We had a ton of entries and I'm so jealous of the winner because I really love their stuff! 

And the winner is...

Congrats, Alyson! Fifth & Mae will contact you shortly!!


  1. The hair is awesome! I love it!

    It's a good thing that it's getting warmer because you can rock the boot with skirts and dresses instead of worry about pants fitting under or over it. Plus you won't have to wear a sock with the boot and can rock a cute pedi?? Just trying to think of the positive. :)

  2. Oh no!!! Im so sorry!!

    Your new 'do is super cute though!!

  3. Visiting from the linkup -- this is awful news! I'm so sorry about your foot! At least it's your left foot, so you can still drive, maybe?

    In better news, the haircut is adorable, and you've earned some pampering.

  4. LOVE your new perfect for summer!


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