Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fur Babies of Kaliwood

Tim recently told me that his boss asked to see a picture of his dogs and he didn't have one to show her. I was shocked. You mean to tell me that you don't, at all time, have 876 photos of the pets on your phone ready and waiting to pop open the millisecond someone asks about them???


I'm the crazy animal lady who loves when the conversation turns to pets. Babies.....marriage...stock market...I got nothin. But pets? Girl, please. Bring it on!!

So, with that thought, and the belief that EVERYONE should have multiple photos of their babies (wehter they be human or fur), here is an updated on the animals of Kaliwood!


Lately Piper has been...


Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Makeover: Living Room Decor

We use our former TV stand under this half wall in our living room. It's great because we need something to hold our wireless printer/scanner. But before we were kind of framing the printer and I didn't want that to be the center of attention. 

Also, we used all of our red/orange accents from our last home and I was just tired of them. Tim and I also discovered that neither of us really even like red in decor. Sooo yea. Clearly we were totally lost before!

So I decided to redo the table and give it a fresh Spring makeover!


 We are getting rid of all of these red accent pieces if any of my KY friends are interested! Let me know!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Tim & The Turtle

Last year we were in West Virginia over a weekend. I can't remember if it was a holiday, wedding, or some other visit. Tim is from WV so we often take weekend trips back to his home town.

But the reason we were there isn't the point of this story. The other day I saw a turtle and it made me remember a moment from that weekend that I wanted to share.

Tim and I were in the truck driving around his small town. I think we were headed to his grandparents house as we stop by and visit pretty much every day we are there.

As we passed a long driveway, there was something on the side of the road that caught our attention.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Birthday Blogging!

What day is it?

Why, that's correct adorable little girl. It IS hump day. But it's also... MY BIRTHDAY!!

(I used to want to be an Olsen twin when I grew up. Bullet=dodged.)

Since today is the best day of the year (IMO), I put together this Birthday Post to share today. Feel free to steal it on your day!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Reverse Body Image

($5 to whoever can name this yoga pose. I sure can't.)

So this is going to sound strange, but just bear with me.

I think I have reverse body image issues.

I'm one of the billions of women who "use to be skinny"! But in the past couple years, I've noticed that I look at my body in a different way than most of the "use to be skinny" women.

Let me explain...

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Big Ball of Mush

If a deep-fried Twinkie doesn't sum up this post, I don't know what does.

It's officially been 8 weeks and 4 days since I injured my foot. Good news is my doctor is letting me transition into sneakers. No more hideous boot.

Bad news is I have no idea when I can get back to cardiovascular activity. I have a follow-up foot doctor appointment Wednesday (my bday!) but the doctor really can't tell much from me just sitting there and him poking around the bone. So, I'm assuming he's going to tell me to start walking/jogging on it and see how it feels.

Which is awesome, trust me. I can't wait to get back out there. But at the same time, if I go out for a light jog and have pain, I might just crumble onto the sidewalk and bawl my eyes out. I need this to go away so I can get back to being active. Because right now I feel like....


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What to Wear on Your First Day of Work

Deciding what to wear is always hard for women. Not only do we want to look stylish and cool, we also want to feel comfortable in what we are wearing. Add in our indecisive nature and the tendency to believe we have “NOTHING TO WEAR!” and the problem just gets worse. Needless to say, choosing the perfect outfit for the first day of our career may top the charts when it comes to difficult fashion decisions. Right behind that all white dress decision.

But, don’t panic and go buy an entire new wardrobe before Monday at 8:00AM, because I've got you covered. And remember, you've passed the interview, the second panel interview, and the meeting with the big-wigs. So, the good news is that you have already impressed them. And most likely you would not have landed this job without an appropriate and professional look on those days. So, really, the first day is a piece of cake! Right?

Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Spring Meeting ~ San Antonio

So, as I'm sure you've noticed -- I've been gone for about a week! Kaliwood residents are use to these 3-times-a-year absences. But in case you're new around here, if I disappear for a week it means I had an event! This was our Spring Meeting and it was held in San Antonio, Texas!

I love San Antonio. The Riverwalk makes it feel like a little Oasis right in the middle of a city.

The event was a success! This was my second meeting with my new company and both went extremely well! I've gotten a lot of great feedback which is just motivation to continue to work hard!

Here are some snapshots from the event! I'll add in better ones once we get the images back from the photographer!

Friday, April 4, 2014

15 Things I'm Bad At

Photo: (Heights aren't my thing, OK?)

1. Remembering things. I think I've mentioned my very poor memory on here before. If someone reminds me of something I can remember it, but it's hard for me to recall things.

2. Cooking. Exhibit A. Exhibit B.

3. Doing things without a set plan. I plan for a living. Planning is my career. So, I guess it's not surprising that it's crept into my personal life. Jan 1st you'll see me with a year calendar marking in dates.