Monday, May 12, 2014

5 Lessons in 5 Days

They says you should learn something new everyday, right? Well here's 5 things I've learned over the past week....

1. PMS is a real biotch. Or maybe the more realistic moral to the story is that things that SEEM like a huge deal, and are fought about like a huge deal, often are not.

Saturday was not a good day in our household. We tried to go to Kroger TWICE and both times had to turn around because we started fighting about something stupid and couldn't stand to be around each other. It was like the anger where you imagine steam coming out of your ears and you just want to punch your boyfriend in the face - kind of mad.

But after a drink and chat with an old friend, some s'mores by the fire, and a new day, you realize it's not worth it to fight over stupid things. I started dating Tim because I liked his sarcastic, dry humor. So I need to remember he's JOKING most of the time. It's a good reminder not to take myself too seriously.

2. I now know how mothers feel when their kids go from loving children, to "too cool" teenagers. And I discovered this ON Mother's Day.

This boy....

is my baby. My absolute love. Which you are well aware of if you follow me on Instagram. Or Twitter. Or Facebook.

But this weekend he decided he was now a teenager and too cool for his parents. See, him and Piper normally sleep in our master bathroom on their dog beds behind a gate so they can't get in our bed. Well the past two nights, he's decided he doesn't even want to follow us upstairs and has slept downstairs on the couch.

My shadow, who follows me EVERYWHERE, would not BUDGE when I called him to come upstairs to bed. Totally ignored me. And this morning I heard him come upstairs early. But was it to jump in bed and cuddle? No. He's slept on the floor until I got up to let him outside and feed him.

Look - he's all like "Mom stop holding me like a baby! The dog next door can see through the window!"

My baby is too cool for him mom!!!! I hugged little Piper so tight and told her she wasn't allowed to grow up!
You're not allowed to grow up, girl. Sorry.

3. A little Vitamin D and movement go a long way. 

Nothing's better than getting outside and being active. You all know I can't do what I really want to do (run), but Tim and I spontaneously had a little pick-up game on our neighbors basketball hoop and it was so great to get the heart rate going!

We also took a long walk yesterday through one of the really pretty old neighborhoods in town and ended with lunch on this dog-friendly patio!

4. No wonder old people play golf. Because I imagine it takes an entire lifetime to appreciate the stupid sport be decent at it.

Last week I played golf for the 2nd time in my life. I played with my mother who is like the president of some women's league and actually know what she's doing. Clearly, I'm not a prodigy.

This sport is so frustrating because it's all on you and it's a mental game. Neither of which I like. I think about too many things during my swing and therefore it's all over the place.

But I did find a way to beat the system on one hole....

5. Dogs are just as dumb as cats.

And actually.. my cats don't even chase the laser with that much vigor, and get bored eventually. Not these two nut cases.

.... And so begins another week. I wonder what I'll learn this time around!

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  1. He is adorable and so is Piper. I remember when my Ollie (who is a cat) would snuggle with me when he was a baby and would love to be held. Now he only let's me hold him for a little bit and doesn't snuggle as much anymore. Why can't they stay babies forever.

  2. Aw pups grow up way too fast! My dog Bailey still wants to cuddle and be in your lap and she is 6, but she is also 70+ lbs and makes my legs go dead.. ha ha.


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