Friday, May 30, 2014

A Complete Shoe Collection With Only 8 Pairs

Hello, Kaliwood lovelies. Your resident shoe fanatic here. Did I tell you that I recently cleaned out my closet and donated over 25 pairs of shoes?? Shocking, I know. I needed to make room for new shoes reduce some clutter. But going through my entire shoe collection, I sort of had an epiphany.

I thought about how many of my shoes fulfilled the same purpose. Lately, I'll get dressed, then look for some shoes to pair with my outfit, and see that I have about 5 potential options. All that will look great with my #OOTD. But wouldn't it just be easier to have 1 or 2 options? You could spend less money and get out the door faster!

So, I decided to come up with a strategy. For how you can put together an entire shoe collection - and I mean having a shoe that will go with any outfit - with only 8 pairs! Here goes nothing...

I chose to pick 6 different factors that, when combined, cover all the necessary categories of shoes that make up a basic collection.

Those factors are: 

Black / Brown
These colors refer to the outfit that the shoes will go with. The shoes themselves don't have to be these colors, but they have to be a hue/pattern that will go with a black-based outfit or a brown-based outfit.

Flat / Heel
Obviously you can elaborate with different heel heights, but remember this is your complete shoe collection in only 8 pairs!

Hot / Cold
Hot covers shoes that can be worn in the spring and summer, cold covers those for fall and winter.

The factors above make up 8 Categories for Shoes:

There are many other factors you can throw in (heel height, pattern, material, casual, formal, athletic, etc.). But the more you add, the more shoes you buy. And that's how you become a shoe addict like me.  So, if you want to have a well-rounded shoe collection that will cover any outfit you pick, this is the way to do it without going totally overboard.

This strategy helps you focus on categories of shoes, instead of styles. It's important to know the difference. A brown summer heel is a category for a shoe. Both of the shoes below fall into this category.

These shoes will both go with a brown-based outfit, they are both for warm weather, and they both have a heel of some height.

The difference between these shoes is that they are different styles. The look totally different but fulfill the same need.

We women have so many shoes because we see so hundreds of styles and gravitate towards many of them. So we wind up with 5 pairs of brown heeled summer sandals (all in the same category).

So, if you want to limit your options (and your spending), try this strategy. Only purchase one style for each fundamental category. That way, no matter what you are wearing, you have an appropriate shoe for it. And you didn't break the bank.

((This also allows you to buy quality shoes. You can spend a bit more on each pair since you know they will be a staple piece and will get lots of use!))

Here are two examples for your complete shoes collection with only 8 pairs. Each example features different styles, while fulfilling all 8 categories. The first one is a more neutral pallet, and the second a more colorful one - just to show you there are so many different ways to customize your 8 pair collection!

8 Pairs - Neutral

8 Pairs - Colorful

Now, think of 5 of your favorite outfits. Can you find a shoe above that will go with each? I bet you can. :)

Hope this helps! Have a great weekend guys!!

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  1. THis is awesome! Great advice!

  2. I feel so non-female because I really don't have that many shoes and I've never really been into them. I usually have 3 shoes I wear on a daily basis (based on weather) and then a couple of fancier dress up shoes.



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