Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Positive Juju Greatly Appreciated

Hellooooo Kaliwood residents. Today I'm thinking back to a particular date. February 18th to be exact. On that day I went out for a run (after not running for a week) and felt like a BAMF. I was running and I just couldn't stop. Wouldn't stop. Until I ran further than I ever ran.

I did run further than I ever had. I went 4.49 miles and proceeded to brag about it here. (Isn't it a great thing about blogging that not only can you look back at your proudest moments but you also have loads of evidence of when you fall on your face?)

Leading up to February 18th I was running regularly, had tons of energy, was in high spirits and was loving posting about all my different experiences as a "runner". I was on cloud 9.

Two days after said accomplishment, on February 20, I couldn't walk. My foot hurt so terribly bad that I was limping around the office. I'm sure you all know, since I complained about it here frequently, but I was out of commission at that point with a stress fracture.

I got set back again 2 months later when I was finally out of my boot and told I could start trying to walk on the treadmill and build back up to running, only to find out that a slow, short treadmill walk was still really painful.

To say that this time off was tough is an understatement. I didn't realize how much I took for granted the fact that I am young, healthy, and capable to get out and be active until it was taken away from me. These past few months have been filled with low energy, laziness, bad moods, and all around unhappiness. Now I realize that it's imperative to exercise if/when/while you can! The physical and mental benefits are so worth it.

Fast forward to yesterday. My foot has been feeling fine on a regular day-to-day basis and on the treadmill (slow and steady), so I went outside and slowly jogged a little over a half mile. My foot was tender and I was aware of the injured spot, but I wouldn't say I felt pain.

Today it still seems to be holding up. Since the pain came on the 2nd day last time, I'm holding out hope that the foot is still cooperating tomorrow. If so, I feel like I will FINALLY be able to get back out there and slowly build up to running again.

So, I'm selfishly asking that you cross your fingers, toes, legs, arms, hair, eyes, and whatever else you are capable of crossing so that I can finally start getting back on the pavement. Any extra positive juju you could send my way would be greatly appreciated!

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And before we go, I hope you all had a great long weekend! I enjoyed our trip to WV and the wedding, but I'm actually happy to be back to work today. I'm not sure if I missed my routine or what. That's a post for another day. Maybe tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend celebrating our friends wedding!

Grooms cake at the cocktail reception Friday night.

Bride & Groom send off outside of the church.

My date.



Our beer tower in progress.

Myself and the beautiful bride!!

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  1. Sending good running vibes your way!

  2. I have dealt with a stress fracture in my foot since I was 16. Just take it slow.


  3. slow and steady wins the face.... that groom's cake is so cool!


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