Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Nails That Don't Make Me Cringe

If you know me, you know I hate color. OK, hate is a strong word but I seriously struggle with incorporating color into my wardrobe, my home, and my nails. I'm just a neutral girl. I'm happiest in my black, tans, white, cream, gray world. 

All that is fine and dandy in the fall and winter. I can rock the really deep purples/navys/grey or even black polish and it's all OK. But when spring time rolls around I panic. There is nothing that makes me cringe more than bright bubble-gum pink nails. 

Now, on my toes, I'm a little more courageous. You'll see a vibrant orange or coral on those bad boys come beach time. But when it comes to manicures, I want something chic. I don't want to look like a 6th grader. So, here are some spring nails I've rocked lately that don't make this color-phobe cringe.

I started off the Spring getting my nails done at the salon. Gel polish is the way to go because it's damage proof as soon as you exit the salon and lasts a good 2 weeks without chipping.

OPI Gel -"Don't Bossa Nova Me Around"

OPI Gel - "Taupe-less Beach"
Odd Nail Out: OPI Gel - "Next Stop...Bikini Zone"

OPI Gel Polish - "Alpine Snow"

Bonus... it glows in black lights! You know... in case you're going to a rave...

So once I got tired of paying for gel, I did a couple at home manis...

Sinful Colors - "Easy Going"

This stuff is super inexpensive and dries in seconds! I swear I've never seen anything like it. It also dries matte so if you want that look, skip the top coat an you are good to go!

If you want a cheap polish (so lots of options!) that you can throw on and go, try these! They won't last forever, but what at-home polish does?

Also, I've noticed that the square nails with rounded edges are on the outs, and the oval shapes are back in! To get this look, hold your file at the corner of your nail at a 45 degree angle and file down so it makes a sharp angle. Do on both sides. Then round out the sharp edges and you'll get the fresh oval look! (It's easier to accomplish on longer nails.)

I was going to only use the confetti for the odd nail out, but it was so fun, I used it all over.

Sally Hansen - "Mint Sorbet"

Sally Hansen - "Spark in the Dark"

These are inexpensive like the sinful colors, but it doesn't dry nearly as fast. So, great to get lots of colors and some fun glitter options, but slower drying.

How do you like your spring/summer nails? Do you prefer a bright, bold colorful mani or something more subtle? Any colors you recommend, toss my way!!

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Today, we are off to WV for a wedding!! It's full of festivities - tomorrow is pool party for the ladies, golf for the guys. Friday night is a cocktail reception, wedding on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday! Should be a blast - I love that they are making it a whole weekend affair.

I'm a huge lover of attending weddings. I get so caught up in it and typically shed some tears (even if I don't know them!) So yea.. I'm a huge sap. But I love the atmosphere, the drinking, the friends, and the dancing! Who doesn't like to drop it like it's hot like they're back in high school?? 

Yesterday I tried an up-do with my new short hair so I could see if it would work for the wedding. Here's my attempt.

Some loose ends to pin up still, but I think it will work! It was actually pretty easy with the short hair and this will keep it up off my neck for the wedding fun!

Have a great long weekend, everyone! And don't forget to enter this giveaway, and this one!

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  1. I hate having color on my finger nails. I almost always pick a nude color or light pink.

    And that updo looks super cute!


  2. I love all colors on my nails, I don't discriminate ;D Sometimes it's nice to have a fresh neutral color, but sometimes I want some bright that really pops!
    That updo looks super cute!!

  3. I love love love nail polish, but since we started really planning our wedding I have not been able to find a second to paint. Maybe this weekend! Love that Bossa Nova color!


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