Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Wedding Mosquito

A few months ago I got bit by the wedding bug. I cringe as I type this because it wasn't a beautiful butterfly sent by cupid, but a big ugly mosquito that bit hard and pumped lots of crazy into me. 

See, a lot of people I knew were getting engaged. Everywhere I turned, there were rings on Facebook and our mailbox was getting inundated with wedding invitations and save-the-dates.

I didn't even realize I got the itch... but soon I was scratching.

I was talking about rings and wedding locations and bridal parties and guest size. All the while scaring the pants off of my boyfriend. At that time we had just reached our 2 year mark. I wasn't demanding a ring by any means but I definitely had the fever and he noticed.

It freaked him out. He wasn't ready to get married and all of a sudden his girlfriend of two years was yammering on about bridesmaid dresses.

It finally all came to a halt and stirred up some very real, emotional conversations. His hesitations caused him doubt and it made me insecure and worried about our future.

I had a lot of thinking to do and so I spent some time figuring out what this all was really about.

I realized that during all of this wedding talk, I didn't ONCE think about MARRIAGE. I was only thinking about the WEDDING. The event. The ONE night. And everything that led up to that day.

But wait... isn't the whole point of a wedding is that you are entering into a MARRIAGE for (what you hope will be) the rest of your lives?

It hit my like a pile of bricks that seeing all of these weddings pop up made me anxious to have one.. to plan one. But I was not anxious to get married - to commit my entire life to someone - at that point.

I had had serious boyfriends in the past - a couple whom I thought were "the one". And I had dated a couple of them longer than my current boyfriend. So why the hell was I thinking I was ready to take the plunge already?

Maybe it was societal pressure? (I was about to turn 26!) Maybe it was my friends tying the knot? Who knows. But it was like all logic and sense came rushing back to me and I was able to break the wedding obsession spell I was under.

Because it IS about the wedding - the special event to celebrate. But it's MORE about the marriage. About everything that happens AFTER the wedding. And I lost sight of that. Hell, it wasn't even in my line of sight.

So my boyfriend and I realized that yes, we love each other. And yes, we want to be together. But no, we were both not ready to get married.

And now looking back I realize I was just bit by the wrong bug at the wrong time. My planning nature got the best of me and I got caught up in the frenzy. But we will decide, together, if and when marriage is the next step for us. Because it's not just about the ring, or the proposal, or even the wedding.

This may sound like I'm trying to justify why we aren't engaged or married - but that's not it. I'm honestly content enjoying our current lives together. We're happy and in love and that's all that matters.

I don't want to live in the past. It's good to remember and learn from it. But I don't want to live in the past.

I don't want to live in the future. I want to have a path for the future (because you can't really plan it, as much as you try), but I don't want to live in the future.

I want to truly LIVE only in the present.

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  1. I was told recently..."Hunny, you're 28 and not engaged but live with your boyfriend? Time is TICKING!" Luckily, I don't take offense to (**cough** ignorant) comments like that and rather just laugh it off but totally get you on this (duh, we've talked about this plenty!)!

  2. I know this feeling all too well, from working in the wedding industry and now being a wedding planner myself, I have wanted to plan my own wedding for so long now. About a year ago I started talking to my boyfriend about it and he was scared. We sat down and talked about it for hours, and then we talked again and again. We finally decided I was also just looking for the wedding and not the marriage just yet. I was surprised when a year later he brought up a marriage instead of me. We're both comfortable and ready for it now, so we will see when it happens. When ya know the difference, ya know.

  3. Well put. I'm going to be 33 this year and my family always asks when I'm going to get married. I can say now, that up until a year ago, I was not ready to get married. Now I don't have a guy in my life, but at least I know now I'm ready. With Pinterest and social media, we forget a wedding is one day, but a marriage is supposed to last a life time. You are awesome for taking a step back and just enjoying life with you man.

  4. This is so good. You described it so perfectly: it's not just a party, it's a life commitment. Enjoy the now! xo


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