Monday, June 30, 2014

Get Fit Update ~ June 30

I believe that the day has finally come where I can say (without feeling like I'm going to jinx myself), that my stress fractured foot has healed.

Last week I ran 5 days in a row (although very short distances) to start working my way back to regular running. The pain seems to have finally gone away and I'm happy as a clam.

The 3 months of doing nothing made me realize I never want to be sedentary again. As you know, I've also joined a strength & conditioning gym. So I've started going to that 2-3 times a week. 

Here you can see my last two weeks:

My lower back is really sore from Saturday (I think pulling the prowler backwards?) so I'm going to run today instead of train.

Tuesday is the USA game at 4 so no workout that day!

So I'll  go train Wednesday and Saturday and run today, and Thursday. I'm really excited about getting back on the road AND starting to feel some muscle development! I feel like I'm really making strides towards overall fitness!

In other news... is anyone excited about the 4 day work week?? And the 3 day weekend?? This girl is!

And travel is about to get crazy over here in KALIWOOD land. So, if there are a few days you don't see me, don't be alarmed!

Coming up.. Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Boston, Albany (NY), Atlanta... all in the next 2 months! Shew!

Bring on the frequent flier miles!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

What Kind of Sports Fan Are You?

It's time to find out what kind of sports fan you are! And we are using 2014 World Cup fan reactions to do it!

The Crier

This fan is emotional and just really cares about her team! She feels so bad for them when they lose that she can't help but shed a tear (or ten) for them. She'll be sad and post emotional Facebook statuses for the next two days. And if her team wins, she'll cry because she feels bad for the losing team.

The "I'm Just Here for a Good Time" Fan

"What? A party where there's lots of people, themed attire, alcohol, and screaming? I'm down! Wait.. what's soccer?" This is the one you hear cheering when the OTHER team scores.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Office Outfit of the Day: Royal Peplum Blouse

Before you do anything else... go check out this post about yours truly by sweet Karli at September Farm. How fab is she? And in honor of said post, I'm offering all ad spots at 50% off when you use the code: FARMER! So get 'em while they're hot, ladies.


Today's Office Outfit of the Day is brought to you from our lab at headquarters! Lots of important experiments going on in here! None that I know anything about!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pushing the Prowler & Hanging with Horses

So I told you I was going to my first strength training session on Monday. And I will say that I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn't what I would have necessarily expected... but I liked it.

It was about a 50 minute session with a group of around 10 people. Mostly women, one man. There were a few girls around my age, but even some older women - I'd say 50s-60s.

The trainer was great - always walking me through the workouts since I was new and didn't know the lingo like everyone else. I pushed the prowler for the first time and used kettle bells which I always thought looked fun. :)

The most surprising thing to me was that it was very low key. At no point was I sucking air or sweating like crazy - my usually state when I do a workout on my own. I always have the mindset of "no pain, no gain"... if I'm not pushing myself to the limit, it's not working.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Be Strong

On Saturday I went to an orientation at a local Strength & Conditioning training center. I know a woman who has been using these trainers and has had great results.

I've been looking for something to supplement my running so I wanted to check it out! I don't want to be competitive weight lifter (like some of their girls are!) but I do want to accomplish a few things.

Running is my cardio and my mental therapy. I still want to work towards my goal of a 10k, but that's about the furthest distance I want to go. I would like to keep running as a 2-4 times a week thing, running about 2-4 miles each time.

However, being an athlete growing up, I miss being strong.  I need to do more than running. I want to 1.) Get strong again and 2.) Tone.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Your Complete 5K Playlist: Summer 2014

Last October I posted a complete 5k playlist. The post was really popular, so I thought I'd start doing them every few months when I refresh my running playlists. So, here's some songs to get you through these hot summer runs!

Mile 1 

For the first mile I like to start slow and steady. I like to find a comfortable pace and avoid jumping out fast so my legs don't die early. I find songs that have a steady beat. Not necessarily a slow Adele song, but one that is more calm with a smooth sound. You could call these the SWAG songs. For me, Mile 1 is all about getting into the run physically and mentally and these songs set the tone.

Song 1: Loyal - Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & French Montana

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blog Shout Outs

Two fellow bloggers, Rennay and Chrissy, have recognized me as one of their favorite bloggers! Rennay is my good friend from Vegetarian in the Ville and Chrissy is the lovely lady behind Love, Like, Leave.

They have both given me some questions to answer so I thought this was a good way to say thank you to them and let you all know a little more about myself! So, here goes...

Rennay's Questions:

  • Why did you start a blog?
I started it in 2008 to write about my study abroad semester so that my family could follow along. It turned into the everyday-kinda-blog, Kaliwood, about 2 years ago.
  • What's one thing you're secretly a little cocky over? Give yourself some props here!
I think I'm good at my job. I also like that I am athletic. As a girl, I think that's always refreshing.
  • What is your preferred form of torture aka exercise? 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Healthy Lifestyle

If you visited Kaliwood two weeks ago you know that I had some health tweaks I was putting into effect upon our return from Jamaica. I was honestly so excited to get these started since the last few months have been sluggish and discouraging. 

I'm finding it's pretty easy to order water everywhere I go instead of Diet Coke. I do find myself craving it during some meals because it seems to make them taste better. But I no longer have the headaches from lack of caffeine. Added bonus - all my meals have been cheaper without the soft drink charge!

We went to Kroger yesterday and I bought my bananas and granola bars for breakfast each day at work (no more sugary cereal). Do you all recommend any healthy granola bars? As long as they are granola and chocolate, I'll probably like it. I wasn't sure on the best ones, so I bought Fiber One 90 calorie bars. Had one this morning and it was good!

Monday, June 16, 2014

KALIWOOD Top 10: FIFA Athletes

Hello Kaliwood residents! I'm back from vacation and it's good to be home! Not sure if you are aware but the World Cup is currently going on. That's soccer to you Americans and futbol to you Europeans. (And socceroo to you Australians). Normally you wouldn't see soccer on this blog. I find it incredibly boring to watch. 

However, whilst being forced to watch some games with Tim, I couldn't help but noticed that these teams (from all over the world) are STACKED. Not with talent - well OK yes, they have talent - but will REALLY attractive men. I mean, this is like the Olympics of attractive athletes. 

So, if you are being forced by your man or friends or family to sit down and watch one of these games, just pray for a lot of close-ups, because your eye candy is only a zoomed-in camera angle away!

And with that.. Here is the KALIWOOD Top Ten: FIFA Athletes. 

Click each athlete for his Google image search.

(And before you freak out... Beckham and Donovan are not on the list because they aren't playing in this World Cup. Otherwise, duh.)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Health Tweaks

As you know, for the past few months, I've pretty much not moved. My stress fracture made it so I was unable to run and a sense of frustration mixed with a lack of motivation made me try very few things to get in any exercise.

Most people diet and exercise in anticipation of a beach trip, but I did just the opposite. I sat on my ass and ate whatever I wanted in the weeks leading up to our trip to Jamaica.

So, I've come to terms with the fact that people may try to roll me into the ocean as they mistake me for a beached whale next week. But, I have made a pact with myself that once I return from this glutenous vacation, I will make some changes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blondes Have More Fun

My office building is located smack dab in the middle of Lexington's scenic horse farm country. For the first 15 minutes of my commute, I'm on the expressway. But once I get off the exit, it's miles upon miles of beautifully kept farm land that house the most beautiful horses you've ever seen. Mostly because a lot of them are the expensive race horses. But there are other breeds as well.

One particular farm I pass has a bunch of horses out roaming around everyday. On one of my first days I spotted one with the brightest blonde mane I've ever seen. From that moment on I knew we were soul sisters. (Or maybe soul brothers - who knows if it's a chick or a dude).

Last week the blonde bombshell was right up by the fence so I pulled over and snapped some pics!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Office Outfit of the Day: Black Shirt Dress

Dress  /  Shoes  /  Watch  /  Necklace

This dress is on sale for $34! It's great material, doesn't wrinkle easy, and is really comfy. Go grab it while it's still available!

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