Monday, June 23, 2014

Be Strong

On Saturday I went to an orientation at a local Strength & Conditioning training center. I know a woman who has been using these trainers and has had great results.

I've been looking for something to supplement my running so I wanted to check it out! I don't want to be competitive weight lifter (like some of their girls are!) but I do want to accomplish a few things.

Running is my cardio and my mental therapy. I still want to work towards my goal of a 10k, but that's about the furthest distance I want to go. I would like to keep running as a 2-4 times a week thing, running about 2-4 miles each time.

However, being an athlete growing up, I miss being strong.  I need to do more than running. I want to 1.) Get strong again and 2.) Tone.

So, no, I don't plan to look like a body builder. But I am excited to loose some fat, tone my legs/arms, and get some muscle back!

During the orientation they did an assessment of me. I had to do a bunch of strange physical tests and they scored me to see where I was at, and to ensure I didn't have any pain. (BTW - I've been doing a squat wrong my entire life - awesome.)

So now I have two free training sessions this week to see if I like it before I make a monetary commitment. It's a monthly fee that is actually a lot less than I expected! And it includes unlimited trainings for the month (they suggest 2-3 per week).

Here's why I'm excited about this:

  • It's not a huge place. You can tell it's clearly a strength and conditioning training center when you walk in. And I love that it's small. Because I don't want to be overwhelmed with a huge gym.
  • Because it's small they only have 2 trainers and a certain number of clients. I like this because no matter what session I go to, the trainers will know ME. Even though there will be others in the session, they will customize work outs to me and be able to push me at the same time. 
  • I love that they don't just keep increasing client numbers. That proves they care more about the experience for their clients and less about printing money.
  • I like that it's not 1 on 1. The small group setting gives me the personal training I want but also a team atmosphere which I enjoy.
Let me be clear that I'm not in a position where I am overweight and need to drop a lot of pounds. Sure, I would be happy to loose around 10-15 pounds, but my focus is more on healthy eating, running, and strength training. This type of activity may not be for everyone.

The trainer also talked to me about eating. He'e pro- meat and veggies every meal. No carbs unless it's after a training session, because then the carbs go towards replenishing your muscles and not just to store fat. If you know me at all, you know this will be hard for me. I love carbs. But, I've already made some health tweaks. So I'm going to modify those a bit (adding in more protein for each meal) and just take it slow. We all know trying to change everything at once is just setting yourself up for failure.

My first session is tonight, so I will let you know how it goes!

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