Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blog Shout Outs

Two fellow bloggers, Rennay and Chrissy, have recognized me as one of their favorite bloggers! Rennay is my good friend from Vegetarian in the Ville and Chrissy is the lovely lady behind Love, Like, Leave.

They have both given me some questions to answer so I thought this was a good way to say thank you to them and let you all know a little more about myself! So, here goes...

Rennay's Questions:

  • Why did you start a blog?
I started it in 2008 to write about my study abroad semester so that my family could follow along. It turned into the everyday-kinda-blog, Kaliwood, about 2 years ago.
  • What's one thing you're secretly a little cocky over? Give yourself some props here!
I think I'm good at my job. I also like that I am athletic. As a girl, I think that's always refreshing.
  • What is your preferred form of torture aka exercise? 

Running as you know :) When I'm not injured! :(
  • What is your favorite food?
This is going to sound ridiculous but, white rice. Actually all kinds of rice. I could eat it for every meal. You know that fried rice at hibachi restaurants? Amazeballs.
  • Where is your dream vacation spot?
Not sure about this. Maybe south of Italy/Greece, Bora Bora, or Austrailia.
  • Any bad habits?
Rice as my favorite food? Seriously though, carbs and fried food. My weakness. I also don't sit still when in conversations... I feel like I'm always fidgeting with something.
  • Tell us your funniest gym story, or if you don't have one, just tell us a funny story.
During a high school basketball practice we had to run 15 laps around the court in 5 minutes. We did it every year and it was always really hard. One year, our Center had to pee so bad but was scared to ask our coach if she could stop. So, all of a sudden we see pee dripping down her leg. It was hysterical. That's dedication, my friends.
  • Do you remember life before blogs? What did you read?
Yes, I remember it. It wasn't so bad. :) I read books then and still do! Just on my Kindle now instead of physical books.
  • What do you love most about the city you live in?
The size and the horse racing. This city is not too big and not too small for me. And Keeneland makes for great entertainment in the Spring and Fall!
  • What do you want to be when you grown up?
I think I've found what I want to be - a Corporate Meeting Planner. I didn't know I wanted to do this until I got into it, but I love it and don't want to change!

Chrissy's Questions:
  • What's one makeup/beauty thing you wish you were better at?
Tweezing my eyebrows to give them some shape, or having more diverse hair styles.
  • What's one thing you would tell your 13-year old self?
Life isn't all butterflies and rainbows. But there's enough happiness to outweigh the bad.
  • Favorite drugstore product?
Right now the Revlon PhotoReady foundation.
  • If you could have one wish granted, what would your wish be?
Well this would take me months to come up with, so on the fly... to eliminate all abuse of humans and animals.
  • What is your biggest goal in life?
To be a good person and to encourage those around me to be good people. And to be happy.
  • What’s your biggest beauty pet-peeve?
Blowdrying my hair. It takes so long that it makes me not even want to shower.
  • Favorite type of candy/dessert?
Candy: Something sour or fruity like starburst. Dessert: Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet with TONS of rainbow sprinkles
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself possibility living in a new place, hopefully with the same career just more advanced, and most likely married. These questions are tough because no matter what you say, it will probably be something different!
  • Where is your favorite place on earth?
Again, a tough one! I wouldn't say a specific location per say, but just wherever my friends and family are. I guess my parents house might be a good tangible spot. It's where I grew up and always go back to.
  • Favorite perfume?
Amazing Grace by Philosophy

/  /  /  /

Thanks again to Rennay and Chrissy to be so kind as to recognize me! You ladies rock!

If anyone is feeling a lack of inspiration this week, feel free to answer the questions above and leave your link in the comments! I would love to read some!

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