Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blondes Have More Fun

My office building is located smack dab in the middle of Lexington's scenic horse farm country. For the first 15 minutes of my commute, I'm on the expressway. But once I get off the exit, it's miles upon miles of beautifully kept farm land that house the most beautiful horses you've ever seen. Mostly because a lot of them are the expensive race horses. But there are other breeds as well.

One particular farm I pass has a bunch of horses out roaming around everyday. On one of my first days I spotted one with the brightest blonde mane I've ever seen. From that moment on I knew we were soul sisters. (Or maybe soul brothers - who knows if it's a chick or a dude).

Last week the blonde bombshell was right up by the fence so I pulled over and snapped some pics!

Had a hard time maneuvering around the double fence. But guess they need to have those to keep the crazies like me away.

Isn't she awesome?? I wonder who does her color...

I feel like I have to name her, now that we are soul sisters and all. I think Bombshell is fitting, don't you?

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Oh this is gorgeous! How cool that you're so close!

  2. So pretty! You could call her Marilyn. :)

  3. Bombshell would be a cute name for her :) She looks part draft horse!


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