Friday, June 6, 2014

Health Tweaks

As you know, for the past few months, I've pretty much not moved. My stress fracture made it so I was unable to run and a sense of frustration mixed with a lack of motivation made me try very few things to get in any exercise.

Most people diet and exercise in anticipation of a beach trip, but I did just the opposite. I sat on my ass and ate whatever I wanted in the weeks leading up to our trip to Jamaica.

So, I've come to terms with the fact that people may try to roll me into the ocean as they mistake me for a beached whale next week. But, I have made a pact with myself that once I return from this glutenous vacation, I will make some changes.

I'm pretty realistic when it comes to lifestyle goals. I know I can't just say, "I'm giving up all carbs - BOOM! Done and done." Because, yeah right, people. That would never happen. I know when I'm setting myself up for failure.

So these are just small changes that will, hopefully, lead to a big impact. Just a few tweaks here and there will make it easier to stick to, and hopefully once these become the norm, I can keep pushing  myself with other healthy changes.

So, here's the plan...

1. Running, obviously. Now that I'm slowly getting back out there, that's going to be my number one goal. Getting back into running will give me energy, exercise, and just make me feel better about myself.

2. No more diet soft drinks. Or soft drinks in general. I gave up regular soft drinks a long time ago and have been drinking a diet coke about once a day. But now I'm finally believing the hype that just because diet doesn't have calories or sugar, the stuff that makes it diet isn't good for you either. I also found out that diet drinks make you crave sweet things, so yea - donezo.

The only problem with this is each time I've skipped on diet this week I've had a massive headache for the rest of the day. I'm hoping this is just my body getting use to no caffeine and soon it will adjust.

3. Breakfast. I've gotten into the habit of eating dry fruit loops or chocolate chip mini muffins for breakfast at work. So, I'm trading those in for a banana and granola bar.

4. Lunch. Going to restaurants that have better options. Also, when I get a Jimmy Johns sandwich (which is often) only eating half of it and saving the other half for the next day. Also stock up on some fruits/veggies and use those as sides instead of chips.

5. Smart dinner choices. Like I said, I'm not cutting huge things out of my diet. These aren't drastic changes. But I'm going to be cognisant of the meals I order. Skip the bun, veggies as a side instead of starch, salads over sandwiches, etc.

6. Cooking. I found a bunch of lean recipes that have step-by-step videos with them. If you know me, you know I can use all the help I can get in the kitchen. So videos are right up my alley. Going to test some of these out when we get back from Jamaica!

7. Limit snacking. We aren't big snackers at home (we don't buy any snacks so there's nothing in the house), but we will go out for the occasional blizzard or ice cream run. So limiting these is on the horizon. But, honestly, a cookies and cream milk shake every now and then is still allowed. YOLO right?

Once I'm back into running fully, I will start back up with my monthly running goals. That helps me be accountable and I like to be able to record my progess. So in those updates I'll also talk about how I'm doing with these alterations.

I'm ready for vacation - it will be relaxing and lazy and my last week of a sedentary state before I get serious upon our return!

See you in a week ladies!

A little Jamaican tune for your #BackThatAzzUp Friday!

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  1. I remember first going off soda and had the hugest migraines. Basically your body is withdrawling just like any other substance. It's hell for a week but after that you feel amazing!


  2. The artificial sugars makes me so sick. I gave up all of those a long time ago. And recently I've seen tons of articles about how fake sugars make your brain crave sweet stuff just like regular sugar does.

    <3 Jackie

  3. Hey Kali!! Limiting the snaking is key!! I def. plan on eating better this Summer! So important!! HAGW too! ;) XO


  4. an easy way to make those healthy changes every time you eat (out or at home!) and to make a difference is to use the foodtweeks app! They give meals to your favorite food bank every time you use the app to make a "tweek" to your meal. (I just realized this sounds totally spammy, but I work for a food bank and I love/use the app - I promise I'm not spam! Haha)


  5. I honestly believe switching cereal for fruit in the morning was the best breakfast decision I ever made. I feel better for it and two pieces of fruit easily tide me over until lunch time. Good luck with your changes :)

  6. I have been loving your blog lately, and I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! My post is here: :)


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