Monday, June 16, 2014

KALIWOOD Top 10: FIFA Athletes

Hello Kaliwood residents! I'm back from vacation and it's good to be home! Not sure if you are aware but the World Cup is currently going on. That's soccer to you Americans and futbol to you Europeans. (And socceroo to you Australians). Normally you wouldn't see soccer on this blog. I find it incredibly boring to watch. 

However, whilst being forced to watch some games with Tim, I couldn't help but noticed that these teams (from all over the world) are STACKED. Not with talent - well OK yes, they have talent - but will REALLY attractive men. I mean, this is like the Olympics of attractive athletes. 

So, if you are being forced by your man or friends or family to sit down and watch one of these games, just pray for a lot of close-ups, because your eye candy is only a zoomed-in camera angle away!

And with that.. Here is the KALIWOOD Top Ten: FIFA Athletes. 

Click each athlete for his Google image search.

(And before you freak out... Beckham and Donovan are not on the list because they aren't playing in this World Cup. Otherwise, duh.)

10. Alexis Sanchez - Chile

Alexis has that South American skin and pretty dark eyes. This little cutie-pie makes the list!

9. Claudio Marchisio - Italy

 Those bright blue eyes and intense cheek bones are a match made in heaven.

8. Jerry Bengtson - Honduras

Tall, dark, and handsome! Can't ask for much more than that!

7. Matthew Leckie - Australia 

I'd root for this socceroo any day of the week!

6. Olivier Giroud - France

He's not just your typical pretty boy - he's a soccer stud who speaks French. Double win.

5. Dejan Lovran - Croatia

Who wouldn't love those dark brown eyes and rugged jaw line? Sold. Book the next trip to Croatia.

4. Diego Cavalieri - Brazil

Diego reminds me a lot of Wentworth Miller from Prison Break - who is gorgeous (too bad he bats for the other team). And that smile is just awesome.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal

Not only is he like a perfect physical specimen.. but he's also really good.. like really really good. Scientists study him and such.

 2. Neymar - Brazil

The bad boy image combined with the mohawk style and creamy caramel skin? Just yes all the way. (But he does lose points for trying to go by only one name. You aren't Beyonce, son.)

1. Wesley Sneijder - Netherlands

Something about that scruffy face and bright eyes just makes Wesley so incredibly sexy! And his smile... takes the cake. You're looking at the newest Netherlands fan! 

/  /  /  /

What do you say we lobby to get these ten on the next season of the Bachelorette? I don't mind volunteering myself for that challenge! :)

Tell me who your favorite is! If he's not on the list... tell me who I missed in the comments!

Happy World Cup!

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  1. Just found your blog from the big ol cash giveaway :) Excited to be following along via bloglovin and GFC!

  2. Hellooooooo Italy. Hellloooooo Australia! Hellooooooo Portugal!!!!


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