Friday, June 27, 2014

What Kind of Sports Fan Are You?

It's time to find out what kind of sports fan you are! And we are using 2014 World Cup fan reactions to do it!

The Crier

This fan is emotional and just really cares about her team! She feels so bad for them when they lose that she can't help but shed a tear (or ten) for them. She'll be sad and post emotional Facebook statuses for the next two days. And if her team wins, she'll cry because she feels bad for the losing team.

The "I'm Just Here for a Good Time" Fan

"What? A party where there's lots of people, themed attire, alcohol, and screaming? I'm down! Wait.. what's soccer?" This is the one you hear cheering when the OTHER team scores.

The Loner

This fan is so stressed out about watching the games, that he ostracizes himself. He can't be concerned with trivial conversation, he must focus! At a house party for the game, you'll find him on another floor watching a 10 inch TV, or just listening to the radio broadcast.

The Nervous Wreck

These are the very serious fans who are downright worriers. They believe that their seating position, how they cross their legs, if they only watch with one eye will somehow determine if that goal is going in or not. They are constantly squirming and covering their face during intense moments. You will also see a lot of nail biting.

The Superstitious Fan

This Fan has on the exact same underwear and socks, is sitting in the exact same seat, at the exact same bar, ordering the exact same food as the last time his team won. And he won't move for a million dollars.

The Legit Fan

These fans probably played the sport they're watching. They know the rules and the strategies. They also follow this sport year round, not just when it's popular to the masses. So they converse about stats, lineups, and history. You'll find them yelling at the scream when a player makes an error or if the coach makes a bad substitution. This fan doesn't get along with the Good Time fan.

The Bandwagon Fan

This fan is more invested than the "Good Time" fan, but they don't follow the sport on the regular. They jump on the World Cup or Olympics bandwagon every 4 years. They know just as much as they heard on Sports Center the night before and find a team or sport to grab hold of and make the next few months fun! These fans go all out with team apparel just to make their loyalty clear!

The Hype Fan

These fans are the ones who have to constantly be doing something during the game. Whether it be belting out the National Anthem or leading the crowd in chants, this fan is all about the atmosphere and getting everyone else involved. These fans can be seen as very annoying to others (see man on right).

The Loyal Pessimist

This fan always expects the worst from his team so he won't ever be disappointed. He's obsessed with the team, but is constantly ragging on them at the same time. He never gets his hopes up so he can't be let down. But he drives others crazy with the negativity! He's the one saying "I knew it/I told you so" when his team loses. And he always wants the coach fired.

The Eternal Optimist

No matter how much her team is losing by, this girl always is telling you, "there is still time!" She refuses to accept defeat until that final buzzer sounds. And even after a loss, she's saying "we'll get them next time!" Clearly, her and the Loyal Pessimist aren't fond of each other.

So how bout it? Which fan are you?

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  1. Awesome post. I am the The Eternal Optimist or The Legit Fan depending on which sport. Love my hometown teams. First time stopping by from Fan Friday

  2. you definitely nailed it. I can also safely say that I've been every single one of these fans at some point in my life.

  3. I'm a bandwagon fan all the way. Like I don't follow any sports, but if I'm going out to a game then I become their biggest fan for those 3 or so hours.

    <3 Jackie

  4. Is it weird that I think I'm several of these?! Is that allowed. Pessimist (terrible I know), Legit and superstitious! I think that is totally allowed right?

  5. I think you could almost wrap all of those together to come up with what I am.. I just go through all of the emotions when my team is on!

  6. No matter what sport, im usually the Nervous Wreck. When it comes to college football, I can be the Pessimist about half way through the season (I'm a UGA fan so its pretty understandable). For baseball, I'm also Superstitious and Legit.

  7. Haha all of those descriptions are hilarious! I think that the kind of fan I am depends on the sport that I'm watching. Since it's the world cup I am definitely the "Loyal Pessimist", because low expectations don't lead to great disappointment.


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