Wednesday, July 9, 2014

9 Mistakes You Will Make At Your First Office Job

1. Forgetting the Attachment in an Email

This happens to the best of us. And not even just when we are new. Every now and then you hit send and then CRAP! Forgot the attachment! Sorry! But in your first job, you will most likely have to send 100 customized emails, and you will most likely forget the attachment on every single one.

2. Reply vs Reply All

Reply is for when you want to only respond to the person who send the email. Reply All is when you send your funny, yet slightly inappropriate, little quip to the entire employee list. Oops.

3. Oversharing with Coworkers

When you click with a fellow coworker right off the bat, it's a relief! You definitely want to get along with the people you will spend so much time with. But don't start rambling about your personal life right away. Take some time to get to know the staff. First impressions aren't always correct. You don't want to share personal details with someone and then find out they are the office gossip queen.

4. CC vs BCC

You will without a doubt send a mass email to 100+ people and put them all into the CC box. And that will be a mistake. When you send a mass email you want to put everyone in the BCC so they can't see who else it was sent to. That way, it only looks like it was sent to them. Also, BCC is frequently used to copy a friend or boss on an email they need to see but you don't want the recipient to know you've included them. Sneaky little thing, that BCC.

5. Personal Calls

The people in the office or cubes next to you don't really want to hear about your eyebrow waxing appointment. They also don't want to hear about your friend's crazy weekend. If you get a personal call, just exit the main office area and take it in a hallway or outside.

6. Burning Popcorn

There is no escaping detection. You will be discovered. And people will be mad. 

7. Terrible First Phone Call

The first call you take on your new job is going to be a hot mess. Just accept that fact up front. First, you will completely botch the greeting.... "Hello? I mean, Hi. I mean...this is Kali. At XYZ Company. How are you? I mean, who is this?"

You're going to be nervous because everyone around you is listening and kind of curious if you're going to fall on your face or not. So, just try to be cool and when the train wreck is over, just remember they can only get better from there.

8. Giving Out the Complete Wrong Information

This one kind of goes along with number 7. Whether it's on the phone or in person, the first time you try to answer someone's question without asking someone else the answer, is usually a disaster. You tell them of course they can have a 20% discount or a deadline extension  - that seems reasonable right? Then you hang up the phone and all your coworkers are glaring at you. Don't worry, you'll learn the policies in time!

9. Alarm Failure

Remember, everyone has been late before. Even Sam the Suck-Up has been late. Whether you forgot to set your alarm, or you just slept straight through it, there's nothing like the panic of waking up and realizing you are late. Especially when you are new.

A professional once told me that when you come into work or a meeting late, the best thing to do is just apologize for the tardiness and sit down to join the meeting. It's better to leave it at that then to go into a 5 minute story about how your phone died and then your dog ate your underwear. The more of a ordeal that YOU make it, the more others will remember it. So just play it cool and get back on track.

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  1. Okay yes! To all of these. I've done every single one.

  2. And this is why I hope to never work an office job again! These are hilariously true.

  3. These are just perfect. and so true.

  4. I've always wondered about the difference between CC and BCC, thanks for the heads up! I totally understand the first few phone calls though. At my old job we had a phone script we had to follow, and of course the callers never followed on their end ;)

  5. I know I'm late to this post, but I just started following you so doin a little back-stalking of posts. I've made almost all of these but the CC/BCC one still happens way too frequently for a grown person haha


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