Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beauty is Reflection

Happy Thursday ladies! While I'm off in Palm Springs touring the Renaissance Esmeralda for our December event, I wanted to share with you all this awesome lip gloss that has recently entered my life via R Brand Beauty.

Two years ago I was anti anything on my lips. I wasn't happy with my smile and didn't want to draw attention to it in any way. But after a year and a half of Invisalign treatment, I'm so happy with my smile and have finally delved in to the world of lip makeup! I've been on the hunt for the best glosses and lipsticks on the market and playing with bold colors! 

So, you can imagine how excited I was to hear from R Brand Beauty who wanted me to review their lip gloss. I chose the "Poppy" color and couldn't wait to give it a try!

First thing, the packaging. The tube is very sturdy and is clearly made for a quality product. I've had some tubes that bust easily, but this one can hold up to you tossing it around in your bag! And, as the cherry on top - the bling. What girl doesn't love a little bling?

The tube also has the secure close feature. Not sure how else to explain it but it clasps closed so you know it's in place and not going to pop open. I like those extra things companies put into their design.

This Poppy color is deliciously purple. Almost like a deep plum with a shimmer. The cool thing I've noticed after a few wears is I can put on one coat for a lighter look, or I can add one more layer for the deep purple color. So, it's versatile!

The shine is great - just adds that little pop. I found this color to be great for the work day and even out for drinks after.

It is a gloss, so it's going to be a bit messier than a dry lipstick, but I found that it lasted throughout the day and wasn't gooey like other glosses. And it smells good! For you know, any close encounters! ;)

All in all, I think this is a great everyday gloss to add to your collection! And they have a bunch of great colors! Check them out here. And let me know below which you would choose!

R Brand Beauty is currently offering a discount for all KALIWOOD readers! Use code  'KALI' for 10% off!

And enter the giveaway below to win a lip gloss of your choice! Giveaway closes on July 17, winner announce July 18! Good luck!

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  1. What a wonderful giveaway! I would go for the Clear Glass lip gloss :)


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