Friday, July 11, 2014

Sometimes I Forget To Pet My Dogs

Lately I've been noticing (more than usual) how much I don't live in the moment. I have told myself before that I want to live in the present and enjoy the here and now. Stop and smell the roses, if you will. But in the past couple weeks, I've been noticing how much I suck at just stopping, and BEING.

The light bulb first went off the other day when Piper kept coming up to me and nudging me so that I would pet her. I kept shooing her away. I was watching TV or doing laundry or something.

But that Piper girl is relentless and kept softly head-butting my leg. I finally looked down at her sweet face, stopped what I was doing, and petted her.

At that moment I thought, "OMG. How often do I just PET my dogs?"

I think about my dogs a lot. I'm always thinking about if they've eaten, when they have to eat next, when was the last time they went outside, when are they due for their next shots, who is going to watch them when we go out of town, etc. etc. etc.

But I rarely stop thinking about what's next for them and just enjoy their company....Play with them, pet them, throw a ball with them. They are SO sweet and love attention more than anything. They don't give a rat's ass if I'm successfully planning out their schedule. But they do care if I spend some time loving on them and giving them belly rubs.

This realization made me think about how I do this in other aspects of my life. I'm always planning out the rest of the day, thinking about tonight, tomorrow, next week, next year. Always my mind is thinking "What's next?"

I need to just stop. I need to take a second to look around. See what's going on around me. Appreciate life and the beauty of NOW.

I know being future-thinking is something that sets us apart from our furry friends. But isn't there something to be said from the bliss that comes with only being concerned with your current state? My Rottweiler isn't planning his strategy for how to beg for bacon tomorrow, he's cruising the counters thinking about how to get a slice of deliciousness right NOW.

Maybe we all just need to take a clue from them. It's not just about stopping to pet your dogs. It's enjoying the company of others, spending time with family, laughing with your best friend. Just remembering to be in the moment is so important.

There's nothing wrong with being prepared for the future. But the future ALWAYS turns into the present. Just for a fleeting moment. And then it is forever in the past. The shortest, most precious time is always the present. So, I want to remember to savor it and appreciate it every chance I get.

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  1. Great post! We could definitely stand to learn how to live in the moment like our dogs. :)

  2. Love this perspective! And your dogs are too darn cute!

  3. I wish I knew what my dog thought all the time. My dog sounds a lot more desperate than yours. He'll literally lay across my laptop and rest his head up against my face when he wants attention.

  4. Oh my gosh, totally snuggling my dog after this.

  5. I love this post! Isn't it funny how something small like that can give us such a clear realization of something? We've been trying to live in the moment a lot more since things are so hectic lately. We try to get them out and play fetch with them a couple times a day - it's relaxing for us and fun for the pups!

  6. your puppies are so precious!!!!



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