Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vionic Shoes

If you know me at all you know I have an addiction (besides queso dip)... and that is shoes. Unfortunately, with a stress fracture to my foot back in February, I was rocking a medical boot, then sneakers, then strictly flats for many months. I would walk into my closet and see all of my beloved wedges and heels, sigh, and then grab my boring flats and head off to work.

I just couldn't risk style for comfort - at least not while my foot was healing. I was too desperate to get back to running. So alas, I stuck to flats (which honestly had so little support, it probably was just as bad as high heels).

It was like the lovely people over at Vionic could read my mind, because they reached out to me to try their shoes with Orthaheel Technology. I gladly accepted.

And then, in the mail came these little babies...

They also come in bronze, black, and white! I honestly had a hard time choosing the color - they were all so cute!

It was the perfect solution for me - a stylish shoe with a little wedge, but with actual support. I was anxious to try them out.

I wore them to work several times and went all day in total comfort. You can tell these shoes are quality made. The feeling on the bottom of your feet from these shoes versus a regular pair of sandals is undeniable. These are sturdy enough to support you, but also have a comfortable softness to them. Add in a gold stud, and I'm sold!

I got two compliments on how cute my shoes were on the first day I wore them! (Both from woman who have a great sense of style.) And then when I told them how they were designed for comfort - it was just an added bonus!

The only downside for me with the wedges is that my feet are very narrow on the sides and top, so this particular style was a bit roomy for me. But, that is the case with any T-strap or wrap-around sandals on my feet, so I'm use to it. If you have an average-wide foot, these will fit like a glove!

Also - Vionic shoes come in whole sizes and they suggest if you are a half size, to round down. For example, I usually wear a 9.5, so these are a 9!

I can honestly say that they shoes did what they promised. They made my feet feel great ALL day, and are super cute to pass even my picky standards!

You can definitely FEEL the difference with the Orthaheel Technology. So whether you are on your feet all day chasing little ones, wandering an office, or bouncing around town, these are a great investment piece that will keep you going in style!

Head on over to Vionic to see all their great selections. And before you go, here are some of my favorite styles:

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  1. Those are some cute shoes! That's great that they have better support than most sandals.

  2. If you want good flip flops look at Chacos! They are the only flip flop that has never bothered my stress fracture.


  3. My mom went on vacation in March and brought me back my first pair of Vionics. I have a long lasting love affair with shoes, especially heels or flip flops (odd combination I know), but my feet are not fond of the lack of support. The flip flop style sandals she brought home to me are super comfortable and stylish. I brought them to a friends wedding for when my feet just couldn't handle being in heels any more, it was like heaven when i put them on. They are amazing.


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