Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why Running Totally Sucks

Remember this post about why I love to run? Or even this post where I listed all the running benefits?

Well get excited all you non-runners! Because today we are talking about why running totally and completely sucks.

If I didn't realize how much I love running a while back, I would TOTALLY be a running hater. And some days I still am. People who run marathons are absolute anomalies to me and definitely have a few screws loose.

On days when your legs feel like steel, or your sides are cramping or your lungs are burning, running is not your friend.

Running can totally suck. A lot. Here's how...

1. It's totally up to you.

There's no equipment or weights. It's just you and the road. Which is great for cost and convenience. But there's really no good way to cheat at running. When you're doing a push-up you can stop halfway down and it won't be as hard, but when you're running, a mile is a mile. It's not going to get any shorter. You can only run faster to make it not last so long - and running faster = harder.

2. Everything that goes down, must come up.

The joy of a gradual down-hill during a run is fabulous. You can open up your stride and just coast. You can even make up for lost time during a slow period. But if you're going down, you're going to have to come back up. And that totally sucks.

3. Mind Games. Mind Games. Mind Games.

Like most work outs, running is 90% mental. Your body most likely CAN do it, it's just a matter of if your mind will let it.

Do you realize that in a 40 minute run, there are 2,400 seconds of time available for your mind to totally screw you over? That's 2,400 seconds of your mind telling you some of the following things:
  • My legs hurt. Let's stop.
  • I've already gone 2 miles. That's good enough for today.
  • C'mon let's just walk. Just for a couple seconds.
  • If I can get to that stop sign I'll be done. But this tree right here looks a lot better.
  • You can't do this. You are tired and sore. 
  • You cannot keep running.
  • You aren't strong enough for this.
  • You're breathing heavy. Best to stop now.

No matter how loud my music is blaring, I can't block out my mind. It always pops up here and there with doubts. The hardest part isn't pushing through the physical pain of your tired legs. It's telling your mind to shut the hell up and keep moving.

4. It can take a while. 

If I want to run 4 miles, that's about 40-45 minutes (for me). That's a long time to be running. To be moving one leg in front of the other. That's like a whole episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, or how long it takes to bake a lasagna. OK, I don't really know how long it takes to bake a lasagna. Do you even bake them?

You get my point.

5. Ill-fitting running clothes.

Nothings worse than starting your run and realizing the new shorts you bought constantly ride up over your belly button, or when your underwear turns into a relentless wedgie. That can really kill your vibe for the whole run.

6. The playlist.

You're running along in a nice little groove, jammin to a sick beat, when all of a sudden, a slow country song comes on. And you start to panic. How did that song get in there?? OMG it's so slow! I can hear my breathing! There is no way I can endure 3 minutes of this misery! Shut up, Blake Shelton, just shut UP!

/  /  /  /

Yet, with all of the reasons why running totally sucks, I find myself being drawn back in and always craving more. Because that one really good run where you totally kicked ass, beats all of the bad runs.

What's your relationship with running? As tumultuous as mine?

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  1. Hahaha I need that first shirt!

    xo Christina

  2. If you aren't into wearing running shorts w/ the wedgie solution built in...two words: Under Armour!

    Best under compression shorts, leggings, and everything else :)

  3. My least favorite thing about running is the sweat and the way my head gets hot.


  4. I have nothing to contribute to this since you're insulting my second favorite form of exercise BUT on an underwear note, triathletes don't wear any. So there's one problem down ;)

  5. That first tank is the best! Great post. :)

  6. My husband said yesterday, "I know why you like to run. There's no one to blame but yourself." And he's kind of right. With running there's no equipment to blame and no way to cheat. You either do it or you don't. Which makes it horrible and perfect all at the same time. And I stopped wearing underwear during runs a long time ago... No more wedgies or chafe for me!


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