Friday, August 8, 2014

10 Necessities for the Frequent Flyer

I've been traveling a lot lately, so what I pack has been on my mind. I tried to put together a list of items that I've found really handy, but may not be the most obvious for more novice flyers.

1. Water
I always make sure to buy a bottle of water after I go through security. (So it doesn't get taken.) Even though you typically always get drink service on a plane, there's been plenty of times when either they cancel service due to short flight, turbulence, or at another point in the flight I suddenly have a coughing fit, or I wake up from a nap and my throat is super dry. It's just a good thing to always have with you.

2. Headphones or ear plugs
Whether you want to listen to music during the flight or just drown people out, these are a go-to. Also, most of the long flights now have screens for each seat so you can watch TV or movies. And you don't want to be that person who forgot their headphones and has to pay $2 to get a pair on the plane.

3. Layers. 
Airports can be freezing. They can also be really warm after you jog through a couple terminals. Planes can also be either blazing hot or freezing cold. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I can go from sweating to shivering on a plane. So now I always come prepared.

I always travel with pants on - jeans or sweat pants. Then I wear flip flops or Sperry's/sneakers. But if I were sandals, I throw a pair of socks in my purse/carry on. That way when my feet are cold on the flight I just pull out the socks and I'm good to go. They are also good to pop on when you have to remove your sandals at security so you don't walk through barefoot.

 I wear a top that has short sleeves but my carry-on always has a long sleeve light jacket or zip-up, and a scarf. That way I can throw those on when the air conditioning is on full blast. And you can just take them all off once you arrive! It's been the best solution.

4. Eye Mask
When I really want to get some sleep on a plane, I make sure my long sleeve item has a hood, and bring along my sleeping mask. So, I can toss my hood up, put in my ear plugs from above, and block out the light with my eye mask. It's kind of like being in your own little bubble on the plane.

5. Compact Mirror, Toothpick/Floss, and Tissues
On a flight, it's possible to go from sleeping/drooling/wiping your eyes, to snacking on some Cheetos. Once you land, it's always good to take a look in the mirror.  Your hair is probably a bit off, there's most likely food particles in your teeth and eyeliner running down your face. Especially if you are traveling for work, it's handy to have something to check yourself before you deplane.

6. Pen
It's always good to have a pen in your purse in general. But, if you are traveling out of the country, it's essential. They will pass out customs forms on the plane that need to be completed before you land.

7. Business Cards
If you're the type of person who loves to chat it up to your neighbor on flights, bring along some business cards. You literally never know who you are going to meet. It could be a potential business contact, a job opportunity, or just someone you connected with who you want to keep in contact with. Whatever the case may be, come prepared.

8. Watch
You can certainly check the time on your phone, but your watch will allow you to change the time to your destination's time zone. It just makes it easier to track your flight and puts you on the right track when you land.

9. Dramamine
For my fellow motion-sick friends. If it's a long flight, or there is bad weather, I always pop a Dramamine before take-off. It's better to take one and not have needed it than to be nauseous for 3 hours. So I always have a travel-size bottle in my bag.

10. Phone Charger
Make sure this is in your carry-on and not your checked bag. That way you can charge on your layover. Especially if you like to listen to music on your flight, which will drain your phone.

I'll be on 5 planes in 7 days coming up here... sheesh! Hope this helps! Happy flying!

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  1. Layers! Yes. Otherwise you're just miserable!

  2. I only ever fly once a year for our holiday and the longest flight I've done is 5 hours from the UK to Turkey. We're flying to Arizona this Autumn and it's a good 10 hour flight. I'm a bad flyer. The more I fly, the more it freaks me out. Any tips?! Long haul gives me the heeby jeebies!!!!

  3. A couple tips to save you cash: bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain to avoid buying water and I also pack lots of snacks and food including oatmeal packets if it's an early flight. Some places are nice and will give you a free cup of hot water so you can just mix and have a good mobile breakfast :) I miss traveling!

  4. Great tips! And thanks for the giveaway! :)


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